Datorama Elevates Marketing's Impact on Sales with New, Advanced Salesforce Connector

B2B marketers can now connect their advertising, marketing, web and CRM data to prove and optimize their ROI

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 13, 2017) - Datorama, a leading global marketing intelligence company, today announced its all-new, advanced connector created for Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) reports. As a marketing technology (MarTech) provider dedicated to helping marketers connect all of their data for smarter insights, Datorama has made it possible for non-technical B2B professionals to mash their Salesforce data with all of their marketing source systems that help understand the customer journey. These systems include investment and performance intelligence from advertising, marketing and web analytics platforms.

In a recent Datorama survey, the company discovered that its customers are connecting 70 data streams on average in their first year using the Marketing Integration Engine. Data sources include information from programmatic, social, search, web analytics, email and CRM systems. In support of this finding, Datorama, a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor, focuses its attention on solving challenges associated with marketing data integration.

This unified approach to data and analytics enables marketers to make smarter decisions about performance and investment opportunities across the customer journey, through different markets and across the organization from the CMO down.

As budgets and accountability continue to grow, B2B marketers are looking for solutions that enable them to optimize and prove marketing's impact on sales. In practice this requires an integrated view of how every marketing channel, event, campaign and content asset impacts the pipeline, sales and revenue. At the center of this view, for many companies, is Salesforce. While Salesforce offers API access to extract data for analysis, marketers have found that Salesforce data is uniquely challenging to integrate because of the vast customizations its users make. The resulting custom fields, metrics and reports that reflect the business' processes are not available in the standard API. Therefore, today's modern marketers have struggled with connecting their data and analytics across marketing and sales, and are unable to determine the impact of their efforts.

In response, Datorama has created a new, advanced data connector for marketers who use Salesforce -- specifically for the purpose of including custom fields and metrics. Now, marketers can connect their Salesforce data, which includes their unique business logic, for analysis into a centralized, single source of truth -- the Datorama platform. Rather than having access to basic reporting data from the standard Salesforce APIs, the new Datorama custom connector solves one of the most significant challenges encountered by marketers looking to improve their organization's ROI.

Datorama users can generate Salesforce reports with any set of personalized dimensions and measurements supported by the Salesforce system. This capability means that the custom connector is providing users access to everything within a user's Salesforce implementation -- all without the need for custom coding, which can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Out are the days of having an incomplete picture and incompatibility issues. In is the ability to have access to all data within a Salesforce installation without interference.

This custom connector will let users:

  • Synchronize the Marketing and Sales organizations: For the first time, businesses using Salesforce with customized fields and metrics will be able to connect the Sales and Marketing departments to mash data together for a more meaningful understanding of marketing's impact on a business' pipeline and revenue (e.g., which customers and prospects are converting via campaign "x" or content "y").
  • Integrate Salesforce business logic within marketing intelligence: Users can now access custom metrics and fields all from within the Datorama platform, and easily create custom dashboards that blend data sources and allow for easy internal collaboration.
  • Democratize Salesforce data access for marketers and marketing analysts: Using the standard Salesforce APIs limits marketer's understanding, and Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) is technically challenging as Salesforce doesn't reveal the queries behind default reports. This is problematic for businesses that do not have a Salesforce expert on hand to provide assistance. Using Datorama, on the other hand, marketers can instead select an existing custom report -- or create a new one -- and immediately integrate it with all their data within Datorama.

"In today's complex marketing environment, we're dedicated to empowering the modern marketer with innovations that move their marketing efforts forward and bring value to the company's bottom line," said Leah Pope, CMO, Datorama. "By building this new, advanced connector we've enabled marketers to leverage their unique Salesforce data to drive marketing and sales alignment, improve ROI, and establish a more intimate relationship with their customers so they can better market to their respective audiences."

Datorama's release of the custom Salesforce Reports connector follows the rollout of a custom connector built for Google Analytics, which was made available to all Datorama customers in 2016.

About Datorama:
Datorama is a global marketing intelligence company providing the world's first Marketing Integration Engine for enterprises, agencies, publishers and platforms. Datorama's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform gives marketers the ability to connect all of their data sources together -- whether it's a handful or hundreds -- to form a single source of truth for more efficient reporting, better decision making, and total control over their marketing performance, impact and customer experience. Datorama's best-in-class combination of end-to-end data management, machine learning (AI) technology, and high-performance architecture makes it simple for data-driven marketers of all experience levels to connect, unify, analyze, visualize and act on all of their marketing data.

Datorama powers marketing intelligence for thousands of leading organizations and has a global presence with 14 offices worldwide. To learn more about Datorama, please visit: https://datorama.com/.

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