WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., April 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Duben Holistic Chiropractic Center has announced the results of a study on NET – the Neuro Emotional Technique. This study shows the system's efficacy for treating PTSD and other such disorders in those who have suffered traumatic life events of a variety of types. It involved 23 randomized cancer survivors who were given MRI scans before and after NET treatment.

With many therapies that are outside of the traditional mainstream, there is a lack of studies on their safety and effectiveness. This leads to general doubts and skepticism about these practices. To help dispel this problem, the ONE Research Foundation conducted a study on the Neuro Emotional Technique, or NET.

NET is a technique meant to reduce the physical and mental effects of traumatic life events. It is used for PTSD, emotional issues, pain, postural imbalances, and more. Notably, PTSD doesn't only result from situations such as being attacked or physically threatened. Therefore, many people can benefit from an effective, affordable therapy for this condition.

In this study, 23 cancer patients with a related traumatic memory were recruited. Traumatic stress symptoms had to have persisted for at least six months in order to qualify. These participants were then randomized into a treatment group and a control group.

The study itself involved presenting an auditory stimulus and a description of the traumatic event. Then, the patients were given fMRI scans to detect brain activity. Those in the treatment group repeated this process after the treatment. Several psychological tests were given as well.

Results showed that at the time of the initial test, patients' brains were activated in ways that correspond to high levels of stress. However, those in the treatment group showed significant reductions in such activity after a treatment session. The results suggest that NET treatment is indeed useful for those with emotional trauma surrounding a cancer-related event.

"While the study focused on cancer patients who endured a stressful event related to the disease, it's important to remember that NET helps patients deal with many other types of stresses. Its main method focuses on addressing stressful memories regardless of what caused them. The goal is to help stop subconscious reactions like muscle tightness and bad posture, both of which contribute to physical pain. Another big goal of NET is to reduce residual stress levels in order to promote better overall mental and physical health," explained Dr. Alan Duben of Duben Holistic Chiropractic Center.

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