SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2017) - A new research study by LEWIS reveals that employees have a genuine appetite to act as ambassadors for their companies and brands. Employers, however, need to make it easier for them.

The study highlighted three reasons companies fail:

1. They are not formally embracing it
Despite the majority of employees believing that Employee Advocacy programs increase employee engagement, only half of the respondents have a program in place. Of companies that do not have an Employee Advocacy program, half of the employees said they would like one. More than half of all employees surveyed (52%) would create content for their employer (such as social media posts or blogs), if they were asked to.

2. Companies fail to make use of social media
Almost three quarters of employees (73%) said their company should be more active on social media. Around half of the companies surveyed, however, forbid their employees from using social media during working hours. Almost 40% said their companies are active on social media, but social media use by staff is not encouraged.

Furthermore, 73% share company content on one or more of their personal social media channels. The main reasons stated for this include a feeling of pride in the company (54%) and a desire to be an advocate (37%).

3. Companies fail to create common values among employees
Six out of ten employees use separate social accounts for personal and business activity. The primary reason employees create separate accounts is that they think their personal beliefs may differ from their employer.

News related content is most popular when it comes to sharing corporate content. Some 59% shared news related content, followed by video and photographic content (56%) and HR updates (31%).

Many employees said companies should develop better photography, while 46% recommend more videos. In addition, 46% suggested a reward for staff sharing content and 41% would appreciate social media training for all staff.

"Engaged employees are an asset to any brand," says Michael Brito, head of US Digital at LEWIS. "Mobilizing employees to participate in your brand's content engine raises brand awareness in an authentic way. The employee willingness is there. Smart brands will tap into that willingness to reach new audiences online, extend the reach of organic content and humanize their message."

The survey was completed by LEWIS, surveying over 1,000 knowledge workers worldwide during the months of January, February and March 2017. The full report can be downloaded here.

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