DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2017) - CB Scientific, Inc. (OTC PINK: CBSC), a designer, developer and manufacturer of Cannabis Analytical Tools and Devices, Cannabis Medical Delivery Systems and Personal Analytical Kits and Devices, announces today that the Company has developed a novel product medical device portfolio since acquiring Marutronics Medical Devices in February 2017. The company has developed three core platform technologies; CannaRAPID™, CannaNASAL™, and CannaDERME™, focused on precise dosing and controlled release of cannabinoid compounds for patients. Furthermore, CB Scientific has developed Pain-Patch™ using CannaDERME transdermal delivery and state-of-the art smart device technologies for relieving various kinds of pains. CB Scientific is gearing up for conducting clinical studies using Pain-Patch for various indications. CB Scientific's will be Releasing 1st Gen Pain-Patch™, a Thermo-Responsive Cannabinoid Delivery Device for Targeted Delivery to Brain in second or third quarter 2017.

Further, CB Scientific brings safe, quick and easy to determine results to you through our fast detection kits. CB Scientific is also releasing a 4th generation Test4Kits, a fast cannabinoid detection kit, with a much more user-friendly and faster detection time.


The cannabinoid compounds works through CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body which is involved with a variety of physiological processes, including mood, pain, appetite, memory and cognitive function. CB1 is mainly aggregated in the brain, delivering some of these key functions.

A major problem in the medical use of cannabinoids is the targeted and efficient delivery of cannabinoid compounds to neural tissues. Oral ingestion can cause the production of unwanted metabolites from cannabinoid compounds by liver and gut microbiota metabolism reducing the effective dose and creating unwanted side-effects. Further, sustained action of cannabinoid may not be possible by oral ingestion. There is a pressing need for precise dosing and targeted delivery of cannabinoids to brain by passing the first-pass liver metabolism. This is resolved through use of transdermal and other innovative methods.

CB Scientific's novel pipeline of technologies and products includes, transdermal, sublingual, and nasal delivery technologies for precise and controlled dosing of cannabinoids. CannaRAPID™ is our proprietary sublingual delivery technologies using orally disintegrating tablet technology. CannaNASAL™ is a nasal delivery technology using liposomal nanoparticles and CannaDERME™ is our transdermal technology using nano-emulsion for fast absorption of cannabinoid compounds. The technologies and formulations of these technologies are completed and medical device products based on these core-technologies are being developed.

"One of the major issue in cannabis use for medical purpose is the precise dosing and delivery technology. As a scientific team, we are taking on that challenge; with our in-house engineering and cannabis science expertise, we have developed various delivery and device technologies which will have far-reaching impact on how to effectively deliver precise dose of cannabis compounds to the patients," said Bobban Subhadra, M.S., Ph.D, Chief Operating Officer of CB Scientific. "Pain-patch, which is a transdermal device for targeted delivery of cannabinoids, is the result of that commitment," he added.


CB Scientific has developed Pain-Patch using a combination of CannaDERME transdermal delivery and state-of-the art smart device technology for relieving various kinds of pain symptoms. CB Scientific has formulated cannabidiol-based Pain-Patch for proof-of-concept studies. Highlights include:

  • Cannabidiol is one of the key cannabinoid constituents in Hemp Plant. CBD is non-psychoactive and safe compound with a wide range of therapeutic applications, including the treatment of neural disorders and clinical studies have suggested a wide range of possible therapeutic effects of cannabidiol on several conditions.

  • The Pain-Patch has transcutaneous cannabinoid penetration technology coupled with thermosensitive nano-emulsion for sustained release of compounds for longer time. The device delivers therapeutic doses to brain via brain stem for whole-body effect.

  • The goal of these patches are to produce a pain-patch with a small footprint for easy concealment, a strong formula to counteract the decreased quality of life for individuals who suffer with systemic pain, a long shelf-life and the use of non-toxic and non-abrasive components to create the most comfortable and effective patch on the market using this technology.

  • CB Scientific is gearing up for conducting clinical studies using Pain-Patch for various indications such as stress and anxiety relief, cognitive focus, various kinds of pain, migraines etc.


CB Scientific is also expanding its portfolio of diagnostics and testing technologies by improving existing products and release of new products. CB Scientific has developed and marketed Test 4 kits Technology using a novel approach to rapidly detect THC, CBD and other cannabinoids from a variety of samples. Launched in 2015, our first generation Test4 kits has been well received worldwide.

Using unique detection chemistry, CB Scientific brings safe, quick and easy to determine results to you through our detection kits. We are now in the process of completing development of the 4th generation Test4Kits with a much more user-friendly and faster detection time. Further, CB Scientific has developed and marketed UPrep™, a cannabinoid sampling technology for cannabinoids testing market.

"Excellent feedback from our existing customers have prompted us to come-up with a redesigned, simpler, more user-friendly version," said John Verghese, Chief Technology Officer of CB Scientific. "We want to expand the market of our next generation Test4 kits to health care, education and law enforcement sectors," he added.

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CB Scientific (, through its subsidiaries, designs, develops and manufactures Life Science Analytical Tools and Devices, Medical Delivery Systems, laboratory services, personal analytical kits and devices and CBD hemp oil and nutraceutical formulations for growers, care takers, dispensaries and companies worldwide. CB Scientific is continuing to develop new technologies specifically for cannabis (hemp) analytics. CB Scientific believes every product sold to patients as "Medical Quality" should be inspected for health benefits, safety, consistency, purity, potency and packaged properly for distribution. CB Scientific has worked with many of the cannabis industry leaders in the country and have also been featured in cannabis industry publications including High Times Magazine, Culture and many trade publications, on-air interviews and panel discussions across the United States. CB Scientific's focus has been the education and safety of consumers combined with innovation to put power into the hands of the patients.

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