MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 18, 2017) - Teforia Company, creator of the first-of-its-kind intelligent tea infuser, announced today a new partnership with one of the oldest and most well-established tea brands in the world, Yamamotoyama. The partnership includes the introduction of Yamamotoyama's world-renowned premium green teas to Teforia's masterfully crafted tea portfolio. Customers can experience the unmatched taste and health benefits of Yamamotoyama's green tea varietals by placing an order online at

A longtime staple of healthy living, green tea has been consistently praised for its catechin (antioxidant) benefits, including its protection against degenerative diseases, many types of cancer and coronary heart disease. To bring these benefits to its customers, Teforia has partnered with Yamamotoyama, a trusted, family-owned company credited for popularizing green tea and making it accessible to tea drinkers worldwide.

"Partnering with a company with such an illustrious history such as Yamamotoyama is very exciting, particularly because Teforia and Yamamotoyama share a similar mission -- to unite age-old ritual with modern expertise in favor of the perfect cup of tea," said Allen Han, CEO of Teforia. "Yamamotoyama has been producing some of the most beloved and high-quality green teas for over 300 years, and we're honored to share those teas with Teforia customers."

This partnership, which includes tea sourcing, purchasing, shipping and packaging, marks the first of many to come for Teforia. The company, which is focused on elevating the tea experience through premium technology and exceptional teas, offers an exclusive range of teas with recipes crafted for Teforia by foremost tea masters.

"Partnering with Teforia was a natural choice for us," stated Nami Yamamoto, CEO of Yamamotoyama of America. "Teforia's ability to bring people together through ritual is something close to our hearts, and we look forward to elevating the Teforia experience with our tea offerings."

The Teforia infuser was designed with the best modern technology to give tea drinkers a moment of serenity and reflection away from the hustle of everyday life. From selecting a choice tea from Teforia's gourmet portfolio to witnessing the mesmerizing infusion process, the experience of unwinding with a cup of perfectly crafted Teforia tea is a delight not to be missed.

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