NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 18, 2017) - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) filed paperwork in California last week as a first step toward applying for commercial recreational marijuana distribution license. Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz, says the company is preparing to be "first in line" once the state sets the recreational licensing process in motion.

Advantis, a Wyoming Corporation, filed its DBA with the state of California last week, as it prepares for the California state recreational marijuana licensing process. The distribution license is the first license that Swartz says is paramount to the company's business. "There are several new types of licenses that we can apply for ranging from cultivation to distribution," Swartz said. "We are already servicing clients and partners in the medical cannabis business, and several of them are poised to get their recreational commercial licenses for cultivation and dispensing. Distribution is the license that would apply to us now, and I can foresee that we apply for others, as we assess what we can legally do as an SEC fully reporting company next year." Swartz says that Advantis will be a major player in California's recreational marijuana business. "We are already growing exponentially within the medical marijuana space, and with the solid reputation we are earning through packaging and marketing of reliable, quality products, we are poised to smoothly transition our product lines into the recreational space." Advantis current product lines include partner products such as those from Hemperor's Club, co-branded products, such as strains that go into Amstercan packaging, and proprietary products such as CBD extracts Elixicure, Deltacure, and soon to be unveiled Advantis rosin presses.

"The two primary revenue streams are currently derived from marketing products to and through collectives, and Amstercan packaging," Swartz said. "Our own new rosin press, whose manufacturing process is nearly complete, will likely surpass all other revenue streams overnight." Swartz related the relevance of the state licensing to his current business strategy. "As we continue to develop these new revenue sources, it will fund further development, manufacturing, and distribution of additional CBD and THC derivative products. As we continue to develop and nurture our business relationships, we have a ready-made product pipeline for almost anything we create. Advantis is on the leading edge of this cannabis industry and we will continue to innovate, evolve, and grow as the marketplace does." Swartz closed by saying that business remains on course to grow revenue quarter over quarter and, and several new products the company is making or marketing will be announced over the coming months.

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