Metroplex Management Group Congratulates C.J Young on Accomplishments in 2016

Irving, Texas, UNITED STATES

Irving, Texas, April 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Metroplex Management Group of Dallas Texas became the model marketing firm, raising the bar by utilizing their innovative training initiative and proving their ability to deliver results beyond measure for their multi million dollar clientele.

Offering exponential career growth and upward mobility, Metroplex’s business model attracts competitive, confident and self-motivated individuals across the nation. One individual in particular throughout the last fiscal year proved to be an unparalleled asset to the company and their client’s growth.

C.J Young of Atlanta, Georgia began the year overseeing three campaigns across the southern U.S. Within the matter of 10 months, C.J more than quadrupled his client’s national standing ending the year with 14 office oversights nation wide.

Metroplex Management Group’s Director of Operations, Bill Bishop explains, “The amount of dedication it takes to grow our client’s footprint that vastly in such a short period of time is something that we do not see everyday. It is commendable and something we wanted to highlight and congratulate in front of nearly 600 of CJ’s peers.”

At Metroplex Management Group’s national meeting in Dallas in March, Directors, Brand Managers and associates gathered at the Gaylord Texan Hotel for their annual conference. C.J was called to the stage and handed, not only a $157,000 over ride check, but also the keys a brand new 2017 Mercedes C43 AMG Coupe.

The award sent shock waves through the organization. As the crowed began to settle, Bill addressed the managers and closed with saying, “Our last national conference in Las Vegas included a presentation by motivational speaker, Les Brown. Les explained the best way to motivate and drive productivity is to incentivize beyond expectation. C.J not only willingly stepped into a leadership role among his peers, but he successfully spearheaded test campaigns resulting in a new and permanent client for our organization. In the last year, C.J completely reinvented himself. Dedication as deep-seeded as his, deserves to be awarded. This will certainly be the first of many extravagant awards given to leaders that prove their dedication.”

For more information on the award and how to join Metroplex Management Group’s award winning team, visit and the company Facebook page.



2017 Mercedes C43 AMG Coupe

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