Technology Industry Leaders from Lytro, JetBlue Technology Ventures, Zunum Aero to Keynote at TiEcon 2017

World’s Largest Entrepreneurship Conference Targets 5,000 Attendees

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ​TiE Silicon Valley, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering global entrepreneurship, today announced the addition of three influential keynote speakers to a robust list of 100 presenters at TiEcon 2017, which will be will be held May 5th and 6th at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  The featured speakers include Ashish Kumar, CEO of Zunum Aero, Jason Rosenthal, CEO & president at Lytro, and Bonny Simi, president at JetBlue Technology Ventures.

"As AR/VR technologies gain momentum, we are more convinced than ever that we’re witnessing the dawn of a transformative new medium with a power to change the way live, work, learn, entertain and communicate," said Jason Rosenthal, president and CEO of Lytro and keynote speaker for the AR/VR track at TiEcon 2017. "I am excited to discuss advances in the field with the innovative and entrepreneurially-driven TiEcon audience.” Lytro is building the world’s most powerful Light Field imaging platform enabling artists, scientists and innovators to pursue their goals with an unprecedented level of freedom and control.

“TiEcon is drawing entrepreneurs from some of the most exciting areas of technology and I am excited to share a view of our own journey", said Ashish Kumar, CEO of Zunum Aero, who is delivering a session on entrepreneurship.  Zunum Aero is building a family of commercial hybrid-to-electric aircraft designed for regional transit, and powered by quiet range-optimized powertrain and propulsion technologies. The company's vision is to develop 1,000-mile electric air networks to bring fast and affordable travel to every community.

“JetBlue Technology Ventures was built upon the notion that major, impactful innovation is rapidly taking place in the travel and hospitality sectors and we want to be part of it. Our mission is to inspire and support entrepreneurs addressing the challenges and opportunities in these markets, so I’m excited to join Zunum’s Ashish Kumar on stage to discuss why we invested in his hybrid-electric aircraft company that is set to reinvent regional travel,” said Bonny Simi, president of JetBlue Technology Ventures.

“We are thrilled to welcome these accomplished entrepreneurs and executives for TiEcon at this year’s Silver Jubilee celebration,” said Ram Reddy, president of TiE Silicon Valley.  “They represent the inspiration and vision of TiEcon.”

TiEcon 2017, the world’s largest technology-anchored entrepreneurship conference, is expected to attract some 5,000 attendees and will showcase leaders and bring together innovators, venture capitalists and technology firms from around the world to help advance entrepreneurship.

Ranked alongside Demo, TED and World Economic Forum among the top 10 conferences worldwide for ideas and entrepreneurship, TiEcon has attracted over 50,000 entrepreneurs and professionals from over 50 countries since its inception. TiEcon 2017 will focus on the hottest areas of innovation including machine learning, IoT, FinTech, security, autonomous vehicles, augmented and virtual reality, software defined infrastructure, drones, digital health, and many more.

Technology startups are also welcome to participate in the TiE50 annual awards program, which is open to all technology segments.   Enterprises of all sizes and in all domains can showcase their innovations and solutions at the TiEcon Startup Expo.

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