CAVE CREEK, AZ--(Marketwired - Apr 25, 2017) - High Performance Beverage Co. (OTC PINK: TBEV) (the "Company") is pleased to announce it has entered into strategic partnership discussions with the founder and CEO of Cocorilla.

Cocorilla is an organic Thai coconut company whose lead products are differentiated as they are delivered in its shell as a whole coconut. These coconuts have a proprietary laser made, easy opening system. Cocorilla is also the first company to successfully preserve fresh young Thai coconuts by utilizing a proprietary and patent pending cryogenic flash freezing process that preserves the coconut water and its meat without cracking the shell. This preservation process allows consumers to taste the exact same delicious freshness as if the coconuts were just picked. Cocorilla also uses a patented, FDA approved, certified organic, anti-molding and anti-browning solution that is not commercially available. Preserving coconuts without the use of chemicals or pasteurization is considered ground breaking in the $1.8 billion coconut industry.

Located in Thailand, Cocorilla only uses the prized Nam Hom and Nam Wan coconuts, which are considered to be the best tasting, of the over 400 species of coconuts, in existence throughout the world. After spending over 3 years perfecting their proprietary processes, Cocorilla is now ready to enter the U.S. market in 2017.

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Torin Kline, owner and inventor, stated, "There are a lot of big things ahead for Cocorilla as we just completed our first year of operations and it's been exciting to talk with the High Performance Beverage team. I have been speaking personally with TBEV's CEO Toby McBride and his advice has been very useful as we plan to break into the U.S. market with our all-natural organic product. We are excited about the great benefits customers will receive from both High Performance Beverages and Cocorilla's new products. TBEV already has a great beverage product and we look forward to our ongoing strategic discussions."

Toby McBride, High Performance Beverage Company CEO, stated, "We are extremely pleased to be in discussions with Mr. Kline and his company Cocorilla, in order to formulate several ground breaking opportunities that we anticipate to be rewarding for both companies. We consider Cocorilla to be a maverick in the coconut industry and look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship going forward."

As part of these strategic partnership discussions, Torin Kline and Toby McBride have been discussing several opportunities for the development of a newly named product under the High Performance Beverage brand in order to branch out into the all natural coconut water and coconut water infused beverage space. This bodes well for both companies as continued growth for coconut water looks to seek more natural organic coconuts and fresher tasting non-preservative coconut water.

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The final terms of a strategic partnership are being negotiated, but both parties are excited to be working with each other to form a mutually beneficial agreement.

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