Sensorfield Advances Digital Oilfield With Affordable, Portable Remote Monitoring Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) Technology offers environmental protection, early detection of problems for small to mid-size producers

Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES

HOUSTON, April 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Houston-based Sensorfield announced today the availability of an affordably priced complete do-it-yourself solution for remotely monitoring wells designed specifically to meet the needs of small and mid-size oil and gas companies. Based on an Internet of Things (IoT) approach, Sensorfield’s technology offers producers around-the-clock insight into the operations of their wells, leading to earlier detection of issues responsible for production delays, safety and environmental concerns and added expense.

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Trek AEC has had advance access to Sensorfield’s system and directly credits the company’s technology with curtailing potential oil spills.

“In 2016, we had several environmental spills. We started using Sensorfield technology in our Kansas wells and, to date this year, haven’t had one environmental issue that wasn’t caught before it had a major effect. The investment has already paid out in spill prevention alone, not to mention the ongoing cost savings and improvements we've made based on Sensorfield’s high resolution data,” said Sensorfield customer Mark Bieker, operations manager at Trek AEC. “As cliché as it sounds, Sensorfield’s digital monitoring solution is a game-changer for our company.”

Thanks to its affordability and portability, Sensorfield helps level the playing field for small oil and gas producers who previously had to rely solely on an employee or contractor—a pumper— with limited time on site and responsibilities to drive from well to well to read gauges and collect data.

“For years, large energy companies have enjoyed the benefit of custom-installed systems to remotely monitor their individual wells and entire fields,” said Strode Pennebaker, Sensorfield president. “While extremely useful, these solutions are expensive, bulky and complex. Our do-it-yourself solution, aimed at small and mid-sized producers, is a first; it’s inexpensive, wireless and easy to install and operate yourself.”

Sensorfield’s system of small, wireless sensors, installed by the producers themselves, measure tank levels, pressures and flow rates, rod pump and compressor health, security and more. Near real-time measurements—sent to the cloud—are then accessed on mobile device or PC.

Sensorfield goes a step farther by offering a single technology platform to monitor all types of equipment. Rather than a single-purpose monitoring and alarm system, Sensorfield created a universe of sensors to monitor everything in the oil patch, so the customer doesn’t have to mix and match specialty systems.

Digital monitoring systems can be installed on a typical well in minutes. Polycarbonate sensor boxes are less than two inches square and weigh about five ounces, but can withstand extreme temperatures and hurricane-force winds. A small solar panel embedded on the top of the sensor box supplies all the power needed rather than using batteries, which eventually fail and need to be replaced. The Sensorfield sensor can work in deep shade or in climates where cloud cover is the norm.

Unlike most other wireless systems, the sensor boxes have no visible antenna or on/off button. To activate the sensor, the pumper merely pushes a recessed switch and waits for the sensor to connect to a Sensorfield wireless gateway. The gateway—not much larger than a sensor—connects with individual sensors and transmits measurement data to the cloud. If a company wants to monitor a large wellsite or entire field, hubs are available to relay wireless signals for miles to distant gateways, further reducing costs by aggregating data in fewer gateway points.

Monitoring capabilities are extensive and expanding. Currently, the sensors can be used for everything from simple tank level measurements, and pressure and rate measurements, to state-of-the-art beam pump monitoring and intelligent wellhead pressure acquisition for well PBU analysis. Sensorfield data is extremely high resolution, with tank levels reported to within 0.05 inch accuracy and pressure within 0.1 PSI.

About Sensorfield

Founded in 2011, Sensorfield designed and manufactures the energy industry’s first and only do-it-yourself remote oilfield monitoring system. The company’s wireless sensors help small and mid-sized oil and gas companies remotely gather valuable data to improve well production, safety and environmental stewardship. More information on Sensorfield can be found at


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