Medable and Redox partner to offer the first fully-integrated medical research platform

The partnership will enable iPhone and Android-collected clinical studies to be directly integrated into any EHR

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medable, the leading application and analytics platform for healthcare, and Redox, the leader in cloud-based healthcare API services, today announced the formation of a strategic technology partnership to enable the use of EHR data to streamline mobile medical research.

The partnership will enable the first fully-integrated medical research platform between smart phones and EHRs. By using Medable’s platform and Redox’s API services, clinical trial leaders and health researchers can integrate patient-generated health data into the electronic health record. Redox and Medable cloud-based technologies are in use independently at more than 100 health systems across the United States.  With the partnership, the two companies are identifying overlapping and potential customers and deploying their technologies to enable fully-integrated mobile clinical trial and clinical research applications.

Medable’s Axon enables any clinical researcher to build a fully HIPAA-compliant mobile application for study participation, without a developer. A process that used to take over six months can now be completed in a few hours, resulting in a mobile application that is proven to increase research participation and expand the scope of data collected.  An application built using Axon enables mobile consent and patient reported data collection directly from participants and enables additional data such as connected devices and activity and contextual data captured by the participant’s smart phone.

While Medable has seen rapid adoption by healthcare enterprises and researchers alike, EHR integration is an important advancement. By integrating data in the EHR, there is a unified source of record for a patient.  Retrieving the data from the medical record enables Medable analytics capabilities to derive insights from the full suite of patient data collected within and outside of the walls of the hospital.

“Healthcare researchers want to leverage mobile to provide connected care and continuous data collection,” said Michelle Longmire, MD, Medable’s CEO.  “It is important to maintain a source of record for every patient, and for patient generated data to really play a role in healthcare. We are excited to work with Redox to close the loop between mobile and the EMR both for the opportunity to provide better care and new insights from data.”

Redox provides a platform that facilitates the secure transfer of data between healthcare organization’s electronic health record systems and cloud-based technology providers. The company specializes in enabling modern technologies, like Medable, to easily integrate with legacy healthcare IT systems with a modern API.

“Medable’s platform and mobile first approach provides a clear path to accelerating the discovery of medical breakthroughs,” said Luke Bonney, CEO, Redox. “We couldn’t be more excited to empower innovation like Medable’s. Our integration services will allow Medable to access critical data elements that will support its work and improve the user experience for researchers.”


Privately-held Palo Alto, California-based Medable provides a comprehensive, secure HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform that has been created specifically for the needs in healthcare.  Medable’s Cortex is the fastest path to scalable, interoperable, HIPAA compliant applications. Medable’s Axon delivers “no coding required” smartphone clinical studies on a secure, compliant technology stack. Medable’s Cerebrum is the first cloud-based machine learning solution created specifically for healthcare apps. For more information visit:


Redox is the modern API for healthcare, allowing best-in-class software to easily and securely interoperate with EHRs in a health system infrastructure. Through Redox's standardized data models and interoperable network, software applications connect to Redox once and then have the ability to integrate with any health system and EHR. With hundreds of applications integrated, Redox is the leading healthcare interoperability platform with the largest ecosystem of enterprise applications. Redox is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin: the land of beer, cheese, and health tech. Learn more and join the network at


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