SHANGHAI, CHINA--(Marketwired - Apr 27, 2017) - For the first time in Shanghai, Teledyne e2v has been a Bronze Sponsor at the world famous EDI CON China and presented 2 key topics, discussing key design solutions and interfacing FPGAs and data converters in high performance applications.

Teledyne e2v's Field Application Engineer for the Asia Pacific region, Marc Stackler, presented two papers at EDI CON this week to an audience of over a hundred electronic design specialists during the event's technical conference. Discussing key system design points and the benefits of the two main high-speed interfacing techniques, Mr. Stackler gave the audiences a deeper understanding of the benefits and limitations of both parallel and serial interfaces using real-time examples of high performance applications.

The evolution of ultra-wideband (UWB) data converter technologies continues to attract more applications that are looking to them as a solution to improve, by an order of magnitude, the performance and capabilities of their systems; including military, industrial, test and measurement and earth observation applications. Each of these application domains brings its own constraints and requirements, so choosing the right interface is critical to achieving the highest possible system performance and Mr. Stackler elaborated on each interface and their most suited applications.

Parallel interfaces benefit low latency applications, historically best serving electronic warfare applications where a few nanoseconds can mean the difference between being identified or remaining undetected by enemy radars. Today, parallel interfaces are being replaced by serial interfaces due to the improved bandwidth capabilities and PCB board space savings they provide, but due to required encoding/decoding stages, have a higher latency than parallel interfaces. Mr. Stackler's papers and presentations dug deeper into the technical setup and benefits to both parallel and serial interfaces and the applications they best serve, all of which can be found on EDI CON's website.

Teledyne e2v are a world leader in UWB data converter technologies, most recently boasting the development of the world's first K-band capable Digitial-to-Analog Converter, and have an extensive portfolio of other world-class signal processing solutions, including microprocessors, data converters, memory, PLLs, DC-DC converters, digitizers and more.

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Both presentations from EDI CON can be found here.

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About Marc Stackler:
Marc Stackler received a Bachelor's in Electrical and Network Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology (ESISAR), France in 2011, and a Masters in Embedded Systems in 2013. He has been with Teledyne e2v for four years as an Applications Engineer for the Semiconductor business and recently relocated to Shenzhen, China to support the company's growing customer base in Asia Pacific.

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EDI CON uniquely brings together RF, microwave, EMC/EMI, and high-speed digital design engineers and system integrators for networking, training, and learning opportunities. Attendees come to EDI CON to find solutions, products, and design ideas that they can put into immediate practice for today's communication, radar, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical industries. Drawing attendees from both the analog and digital spheres, EDI CON enables designers to see techniques and technologies used in other applications that could be applied or adapted to solve their latest design challenges.

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