NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 01, 2017) - Yorkville Capital Management, a leading U.S. energy infrastructure investment management firm, announced today the unveiling of two new actively managed investment solutions: the Yorkville MLP High Income Strategy and the Yorkville Energy Infrastructure Strategy. These strategies provide fresh ways for investors to gain exposure to the dynamic and rapidly expanding U.S. energy infrastructure asset class.

The Yorkville MLP High Income Strategy is one of the highest yielding MLP investment opportunities in existence. The strategy seeks to maximize current income by investing primarily in MLPs with high quality income and above average yields. The Yorkville Energy Infrastructure Strategy offers exposure to the asset class by investing in U.S. energy infrastructure companies structured as corporations versus partnerships. The strategy's simplified tax structure makes it an excellent solution for foreign and tax-exempt investors.

"Yorkville's two new strategies offer investors real choice when investing in US energy infrastructure -- equity or high income MLP exposure," said Darren Schuringa, CEO of Yorkville Capital. "The Energy Infrastructure Strategy is an excellent way for institutions and foreign investors to gain access to the asset class as it addresses partnership tax complexities. The MLP High Income Strategy's current yield of approximately 9.5% is compelling for investors looking for income."

The award-winning "Yorkville MLP Core Income Strategy," one of the first-ever MLP investment strategies to be launched, was recently rebranded as the "Yorkville MLP Growth Opportunities Strategy."

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Yorkville Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor dedicated to investing in master limited partnerships (MLPs) and U.S. energy infrastructure companies. Yorkville's investment team is comprised of pioneers in researching and investing in MLPs. The Yorkville team has been successfully investing in U.S. energy infrastructure through MLPs since the early 1990s -- virtually the inception of the asset class. Yorkville's management team has over 60 years of combined experience in the MLP market and is led by Mr. Darren Schuringa, MBA, CFA. To learn more, please visit:

In addition to its hedge fund and separately managed accounts, Yorkville Capital Management currently acts as the investment sub-advisor for the actively-managed James Alpha Yorkville MLP Fund (Tickers: JMLPX, JAMLX, MLPCX) and is the index provider for Morgan Stanley's London Stock Exchange listed MLP certificates.

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