SAINT PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwired - May 1, 2017) -  HempTech Corp. (OTC PINK: HTCO), a provider of advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with sophisticated automation and analytical tools for the cultivators of legal industrial hemp and marijuana, announces today that it is redeploying CannaTRACK: an Enterprise Asset Management System that tracks governance Licensing, Seed Sourcing, cultivation to point of sales of medicinal marijuana. CannaTRACK will utilize the latest in RFID hardware and enterprise grade back-end software to track Cannabis all throughout its life-cycle for governance, monitoring and profitability. Verecis has been providing Enterprise Asset Management System for more than two decades to fortune 1000 companies.

Initially, CannaTRACK will only be available to HempTech's customers.

A typical application of CannaTRACK will be as following;
1- Cultivation -- CannaTRACK will tag all Cannabis stalks for security and inventory purposes using passive and active RFID or Bar Codes.
2- Harvesting -- CannaTRACK will validate the data between cultivated and harvested cannabis and provides efficiency matrix in conjunction with HempTech's SmartSense technology.
3- Processing -- CannaTRACK's dataset from cultivation to harvest will evaluate the processing results and its efficiency. CannaTRACK will also monitor the licensing consideration before shipment to the retail centers or dispensers.
4- Packaging and Point of Sale -- CannaTRACK will assess and control the quantity of the merchandise, its estimated retail value, its inventory level and finally record associated medical cards with dispensed cannabis at the point of sale. 
5- Compliance -- CannaTRACK will maintain licensing compliance and audit readiness with State, Local and Federal mandatory requirements.

Due to the State law, legal governance, compliance and tax reasons, we believe CannaTRACK will be an invaluable tool for legal compliance and profitability from growers to dispensers of the legal medicinal marijuana.

It is estimated that the combined total market for cannabis in the United States may ultimately reach $100 billion annually, with more than 50 million consumers. We also believe that the international market has the potential to exceed $500 billion annually, with more than one billion consumers worldwide. With this substantial growth, HempTech's technology and its patented products and services will be a catalyst for the industry in the 21st century.

HempTech is committed to bring cutting edge technology to legal hemp and cannabis growers everywhere. Through the perfect blend of technology and human experience, HempTech brings you the best in automation technology, data analytics and back-office management.

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About HempTech Corp
HempTech Corp (OTC PINK: HTCO), a Nevada corporation, is a provider of advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with sophisticated automation and analytical tools for the cultivators of legal industrial hemp and cannabis. We design and engineer specialized products using advanced sensors, process control techniques, big data aggregation, analytics and security solutions so cannabis growers can easily and effectively control every aspect of their operation. Through HempTech technologies, virtually every component of the plants' vegetative growth matrix and flower harvest is automated, documented and available in visible format both in real time and historically. This simplifies operations and ensures that the baselines set by the master grower are adhered to by the cultivation staff.

The Intelligent Automation Technology engineered for agricultural operations featuring CognetiX Cultivation Automation & Analytic Software drives improvement in productivity, efficiency, quality and sustainability. This industrial grade advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with analytical technology software, is being made available to small and large size cultivators that are not yet available in the Cannabis market. HempTech's goal is to provide cost effective and efficient cultivation of indoor cannabis through intelligent technologies and process control platforms.

HempTech's mission is to establish a reputation in the cannabis industry as a one-stop-shop that provides all the infrastructure elements required by growers in a manner that is fully integrated, state-of-the-art, and secure. Products include the SPIDer™ (Secure Perimeter Intrusion Detection), SmartSense™, SmartEnergy, and analytics dashboard CognetiX™ through which HempTech Corp. provides growers unparalleled data analysis capabilities to Know Your Grow! HempTech -- America's Future Taking Root Today.

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