CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - May 1, 2017) - Effortless IVF Canada, a quickly expanding organization focused on broadening the delivery of fertility medicine in Canada, has begun seeing patients at their first Canadian clinic in Calgary this week. Using innovative INVO™ treatment technology, Effortless IVF Canada will alleviate the significant demand on the country's existing providers of fertility services. Canadian families will have access to a more natural and cost-effective approach to in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the full-scale treatment capabilities that the clinic will offer patients.

With a vision to deliver fertility for everybody, Effortless IVF Canada targets the numerous underserviced fertility patients in Canada who go untreated when seeking care. Of the 460,000 infertile patients in Canada, 56 per cent seek fertility care, but only 27 per cent of those actually receive treatment due to the high costs and low number of fertility care providers that dominate the Canadian marketplace. Effortless IVF Canada will offer patients INVO™ treatments using INVOcell™ and medication for half the cost of traditional IVF, saving an average of $7,500.

"We are envisioning a world in which fertility treatments are accessible, affordable and effective for patients in need of care," said Jason Broome, CEO, Effortless IVF Canada. "No Canadian should ever feel that having a family is out of their reach due to cost or lack of care providers, and it is our goal to help eliminate some of those barriers with a business model that meets market demand with an alternative and desirable form of care. We have been pleased to welcome patient applications online for some time now and it is with great pleasure that we now begin treating our patients in our new Calgary clinic."

In Effortless IVF Canada's alternate method, fertilization and early embryonic development takes place inside a women's own body utilizing a Health Canada market authorized medical device known as INVOcell™. This eliminates the need for expensive lab work, incubators and monitoring personnel. It also allows for fewer ultrasounds, appointments and less medication with a recent clinical trial demonstrating nearly identical live birth rates to IVF (60% IVF, 55% INVO™). Effortless IVF Canada is offering families who suffer from infertility the opportunity to pursue parenthood in a manner less intrusive to their finances and lifestyle.

Effortless IVF Canada is pioneering the commercialization of INVO™ treatments using INVOcell™, with plans for up to nine more clinics across the country. As fertility options continue to evolve, Effortless IVF Canada aims to empower those battling infertility to take charge of their healthcare and pursue this innovative, cost-conscious and equally effective route to parenthood. Effortless IVF Canada further supports families facing infertility through its registered Canadian charity, the Huckleberry Foundation which was founded to help those in need of financial support access fertility care. The Huckleberry Foundation operates with a pay-it-forward mandate so that those who have successfully overcome their fertility challenges and have the financial means can help others experiencing the same difficulties.

Couples interested in becoming patients were invited to begin submitting online applications in 2016, but the first Effortless IVF Canada clinic has officially begun INVO™ treatments at the Calgary clinic this week. New patients can book without a referral now to see intake Physician Dr. Imlah at

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Effortless IVF is a North American group of companies focused on broadening the delivery of fertility medicine by adopting innovative technologies and implementing them within an efficient and proactive service model that meets our goal of Fertility for Everybody. For more information, please visit

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