NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - May 2, 2017) - XMI today announced that it has been acquired by South Central, Inc., in a move that enhances the company's capital and business infrastructure services designed to accelerate growth for entrepreneurial businesses and organizations.

James C. Phillips (Jim), longtime chief executive officer of XMi Holdings, will continue to provide leadership and strategic direction as CEO and minority equity holder of XMI. South Central, Inc. and Jim acquired the assets of XMI from a company controlled by Michael D. Shmerling who recently rebranded XMi Holdings's private equity and real estate investments as Clearbrook Holdings.

XMI's comprehensive platform for scalable, sustainable growth for businesses has the capacity to infuse capital and provide infrastructure services including human resources, financial reporting, managed technology, risk management, meeting and event planning, creative design and web hosting, and corporate finance, allowing business owners to focus on growing their staff, products and services and revenue.

South Central, Inc. (SCI) capitalizes and operates businesses across the country for the Engelbrecht family. "XMI has a strong legacy of helping businesses grow, and we are excited to invest in this high-potential enterprise during a dynamic time in Nashville," said JP Engelbrecht, CEO of South Central, Inc. "Jim's passion as a business leader and vision to make an impact in the community and our society mirrors the vision of SCI. I look forward to the future trajectory for XMI and the businesses it supports."

XMI and SCI have 15 investments in operating businesses through multiple limited partnerships, and are seeking additional investments to expand that number in high potential opportunities that can leverage the XMI platform.

"It is energizing to support economic growth in Nashville and surrounding areas by helping its ambitious businesses growth," said Phillips. "With the influx of innovation and ideas in our region, it is rewarding for XMI to be a partner with organizations that are fueling this growth and our objective is to help them to thrive. South Central is a visionary company and we are so pleased by the additional skills and ingenuity that they bring to XMI and our clients."

XMI also provides comprehensive services to associations and not-for-profit associations, and the company's suite of services apply to these organizations. As an AMC Institute-accredited association management company, XMI delivers professional association management services to meet the needs of growing organizations.

"I am incredibly proud of our XMI team who are a true asset to local businesses and associations," said Phillips. "With their years of expertise, expansive knowledge of the needs of growing businesses, and their enthusiasm for entrepreneurial ambition, our team is wholly focused on advancing our clients' goals and making a positive impact on the communities we serve."

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