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Wingspan Optics (formerly Polaris Optics) Launch New Name and Product Line of Binoculars and Monoculars Designed Exclusively for Bird Watchers

Rebrand addresses the unique needs of over 51 million birders in the US alone

LOMA LINDA, Calif., May 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Polaris Optics – a leader in innovative optics – today announce its corporate name change to Wingspan Optics. The new brand identity better reflects the company's broader commitment and expertise in being the leader in bird watching optics by: driving innovations needed to shape the future of bird watching binoculars and monoculars; and, through advanced optical engineering solutions. The new entity, Wingspan Optics, will be free to focus entirely on their loyal base of birders who’ve consistently rated their products at well over four stars – and up to – five star ratings for quality and value in online reviews.

“Our move from the Polaris Optics brand will allow us to ‘spread our wings’ and offer binoculars and monoculars designed specifically to meet the needs of every kind of bird watcher,” says Will Peña, president of Wingspan Optics. “We’re excited to now focus exclusively on our loyal bird watching customers while continuing to expand and grow our base through this year’s new product line and rebranding campaign.”

There are over 60 million birdwatchers – one-fifth of the US population, and the second-fastest growing recreational sport. A 2013 US Fish & Wildlife Services report estimated that birder spending on equipment and travel generated nearly $107 billion in total industry output, 666,000 jobs, and $13 billion in tax revenue. Peña projects bird watching will increase considerably over the next five years, and believes the unique needs of birders will be met on a broader scale as the industry grows.

Traditionally, bird watchers have relied on binocular and monocular offerings from products primarily designed for hunting or nature watching, many lacking the design and important features specifically required for today’s bird watchers.

“We know that to meet the optical needs and desires of today’s bird watchers, it takes more than just design and engineering, we must also make it easy to own high quality optics that are designed to capture those amazing moments for all types of birding,” says Peña.”  “We will always strive to inspire and make birding exciting, affordable and enjoyable for the serious bird watcher or the beginning enthusiast.”

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Wingspan Optics was created to offer Bird Watchers of the world the absolute best bird watching optics at the most affordable price. Wingspan Optics Binoculars and Monoculars are designed, engineered and built to achieve high quality, reliability and superior functionality with every aspect of their optics; blending both style and optimal performance for every type of Bird Watcher – from the serious bird watcher to the beginning enthusiast – in every type of weather, terrain or lighting conditions. Innovation, performance and value make Wingspan Optics the perfect choice for every kind of Bird Watcher.

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