Above the Line - South Chicago Marketing

New Lennox, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Chicago, May 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

South Chicago Marketing Inc., a marketing and advertising firm in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago, has started the year off with a record breaking first and second quarter. They continue to set the bar high with more expansion plans to come throughout 2017. Current plans for expansion include three new branch locations by the end of August. The New Lenox based marketing firm has represented some of the largest names in the Home Entertainment, Electronics, Energy Efficiency and Telecommunications industries, giving them more products and services to offer to consumers. No longer are they a one trick pony, being able to offer multiple services at a time.

While taking on new clients and new marketing territories, South Chicago Marketing has tripled in production with growing opportunities for campaign managers, territorial managers and director of operations. The firm has had to utilize their unique Management Training program to ensure qualified leadership and success throughout the coaching and mentoring given by their pace setters.

Leonte Paves and Pedro Seminario, were two Market Managers under CEO Joe Pavone Jr. Leonte Paves is now currently a Director of Operations for the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Pedro Seminario has also been promoted to Director of Operations and has recently expanded into Fort Myers, Florida.

Tristan Windsor and Keasar Driver, two Assistant Market Managers under CEO Joe Pavone Jr, are in for the expansions set for August of this year. Tristan Windsor, who spent three years in the army reserves, joined the expanding company mainly because of the opportunity for advancement and the unique business opportunity. “Nothing makes me smile more than to learn how to develop businesses in marketing and develop many future business partners,” shared Windsor. “I look forward to the future opportunities to come.”

Keasar Driver, joined South Chicago Marketing Inc., seven months ago. Before joining the company, Driver had spent fifteen years in management, where he would teach, train and develop people to be successful. He always held a dream of owning his own business, which led him to joining South Chicago Marketing because of the opportunity to make his life-long dream obtainable and put his skills in motion. “You are given the opportunity to work in a highly-motivated environment with an awesome group of individuals that are as driven for success as you are,” shared Driver.

Working with Fortune 500 clients has been an important role to South Chicago Marketing’s expansion and has tremendously impacted the growing opportunities that continue to arise. With the expanding opportunities and growing clients, the company needed a powerful Campaign Manager to lead from the front. Campaign Manager, Mary Messieha, set the pace for South Chicago Marketing. Mary, a former music teacher and administrative manager, centered her career around building, teaching, and developing people. She originally started off in the company because of the clients and national contracts that validated the business. “I have stayed with South Chicago Marketing because of the people, the culture, and the amazing opportunities to grow,” explains Mary. “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

To celebrate the success seen throughout last year, CEO Joe Pavone Jr, took his team to Las Vegas at the 5 Star Aria. With the future already showing almost triple the numbers from 2016, Joe Pavone Jr. is planning on a trip to the 5 Star Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana this Fall. With the right leaders, South Chicago Marketing is already on their way to a record breaking year. South Chicago Marketing’s results continue to impress while increasing their clients’ production and overall performance.


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