COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Statement by Tim Williams, Executive Director, Ohio Manufactured Homes Association

"Governor Kasich is entitled to his own opinion but not his own set of facts. Administration officials have demonstrated a casual relationship with the facts regarding the lifestyle, quality and safety of manufactured homes.

"This appears to be more about the Administration’s ego than the safety of our manufactured home residents. The manufactured homeowners and residents we serve strongly oppose the Kasich proposal. Apparently the Governor doesn’t understand that the manufactured home residents and tenant rights association (AMHRO – Association of Manufactured Home Residents of Ohio) representing 900,000 Ohioans unequivocally supports the Manufactured Homes Commission.

"Under the Commission, 100% of new and used home installations receive three safety inspections by certified inspectors. For example, working smoke alarms and properly grounded electrical outlets are inspected as well as many other safety components. The result has been a virtual elimination of improper home installations from more than 500 a year prior to the Commission to less than ten complaints in the last three years.

"Ohioans of modest means are able to realize their dream of homeownership because manufactured homes are the most affordable 'fire safe' homes of any kind today. That’s a fact backed by the 2013 National Fire Protection Association study indicating manufactured homes have stricter fire safety codes and less fires and civilian fire injuries (per 100,000) than site-built homes. 

"The State Fire Marshall (retired May 5) was a former legislator who co-sponsored legislation creating the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission and undoubtedly would have raised any fire safety concerns at the time. It’s unfortunate fire officials don’t have the facts. They need to do more research on the superior fire safety of today’s manufactured homes which are built to a federal pre-emptive building and fire safety code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Manufactured homes are also 100% inspected by HUD certified inspectors in the factory to ensure compliance with the stringent fire safety and building code.

"Fortunately the Ohio House of Representatives realized the Kasich Administration proposal was 'All Smoke and No Fire.' The House voted last week (Sub HB 49 -State Budget Bill) to reject the Governor’s costly merger and voted to restore the Manufactured Homes Commission as in present law.

"Had the Governor’s original proposal (As Introduced version of HB 49-State Budget) been adopted, manufactured home safety inspections would be cut, homeowner fees would escalate and residents’ complaints would once again be largely unanswered."

The Ohio Manufactured Homes Association is a not for profit organization, comprised of 500 manufactured home businesses. OMHA’s strategic vision strives to make manufactured homes a standard way of life in Ohio.