New Acquisitions Holds Meeting in Newport Beach, CA

ATLANTA, May 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This past month, National Director of Operations at New Acquisitions, Zachary Schuch, hosted a seminar for his top performing managers in Newport Beach, California. The event, according to Schuch, was to help educate the managers on the importance of press and personal branding for the companies and for the clients that they represent.

A team of Human Resources Coordinators and Public Relations Managers were invited to the seminar along with the top managers to chat with the team about hiring practices and policies, budgets for the offices, and press management for their companies and clients.

“It’s so easy for us as managers to get caught up in the branding for our clients, but sometimes we forget that our own personal branding is just as important,” said Schuch. “We get so excited to represent these huge clients, but we forget to start at the ground floor.”

Schuch invited a team of about 30 managers, as well as their Human Resources Coordinators and Public Relations Managers, to stay at The Duke Hotel in Newport Beach, CA, which was located near the facility they would be using the host the seminar. All meals and events prior, during, and after the seminar were paid in advance by the company.

The first day of the corporate trip was full of networking and catching up between managers and regional managers. The team was treated to a night of unlimited billiards and free food and beverages, at the Classic Q pool hall.

Brandon White, one of the most recent promotions from New Acquisitions commented on the night saying, “I’m so excited to be on this trip and I’m so happy to have been invited! I’m excited about everything that we’re going to be learning tomorrow, but I’m glad we had tonight to get to see everybody in a casual light and get to know each other as individuals and not just business partners.”

The second day of the trip consisted of the seminar itself and was full of presentations and questions from the team. Schuch planned for the meeting to be very interactive as opposed to traditional meetings to encourage the managers to speak up and offer feedback or questions that could benefit the team.

Of the four Human Resources and Public Relations team members selected for the trip, two of them were selected from New Acquisitions’ headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Office Manager at New Acquisitions, Amber Abrams and Human Resources Coordinator, Morgan Wright, were invited by Schuch to present their knowledge of corporate hiring practices and budgeting for the team.

“My part of the presentation was supposed to open the managers’ eyes to their offices’ press and show them that they have the power to manage their brands online,” said Abrams about her presentation to the group. “I think everyone got a lot of good from the entire meeting and I hope we get to do this again soon!

Other events were planned for the team for after the seminar, such as a yacht dinner and a fundraiser for breast cancer research, but overall, Schuch concurred that the meeting was essentially a success.

“Everyone was so attentive and genuinely interested in the topics that our HR and PR team brought for them,” explained Schuch. “I’m excited to see how this new knowledge will help our business grow.”


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