GWPC launches state-powered WellFinder mobile application

Oil and gas wells from 9 states featured, more state data coming soon

Oklahoma City,

Oklahoma City, OK, May 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) announced today the release of RBDMS WellFinder, a free mobile application powered by data directly from state regulatory programs, which allows users to locate and select oil and natural gas wells from an interactive map to display valuable data and information. 

RBDMS WellFinder utilizes well data directly from state regulatory programs. This data, submitted to the states by oil and natural gas well operators for regulatory compliance, has not been manipulated by the GWPC and has been vetted by regulatory program staff.  

The mobile application was originally developed in collaboration with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Since then regulatory agencies in nine states including Oklahoma, New York, Nebraska, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Colorado, Kentucky, and Idaho have teamed with the app to provide well data. 

“This is part of a continuing effort to put more information into the public’s hands,” said Oklahoma Corporation Commission Chairman Dana Murphy. “The GWPC’s support and expertise is at the front and center of this effort. The Wellfinder application has many uses, from emergency management to providing well information to municipalities, businesses, and the general public. This will be a work in progress that will continue to yield dividends.” 

App users can search wells to determine API (permit) numbers, well type (oil, gas, injection), well status (active, plugged), operator contact information, recent and historical production data, and regulatory and emergency contacts.

RBDMS WellFinder is a product of the award-winning GWPC Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS), a software suite that provides powerful analytical tools for state regulatory programs and the public. More than 20 regulatory agencies nationwide have chosen RBDMS as their preferred information management system for tracking oil, gas, injection well, and source water protection activities. 

RBDMS WellFinder is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.


The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) is a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization whose members consist of state groundwater regulatory agencies which come together within the GWPC organization to mutually work toward the protection of the nation’s ground water supplies. The purpose of the GWPC is to promote and ensure the use of best management practices and fair but effective laws regarding comprehensive groundwater protection.


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

Adam Wygant, a member of the RBDMS Technical Committee, demonstrates the RBDMS WellFinder app. The app contains oil and natural gas well data powered by state regulatory agencies in 9 states. More states coming soon.

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