HYPERICE Announces Study Validating Positive Influence of Local Muscle Vibration during Foam Rolling on Range of Motion and Pain

Leaders in recovery and movement enhancement technology solidify vibration tool's increased range of motion with new study findings

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 18, 2017) -  HYPERICE, the leaders in recovery and movement enhancement technology, today announce up to a 40 percent increase in range of motion when applying vibration during foam rolling. The findings result from a study utilizing the HYPERICE VYPER, which the HYPERICE team, including Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Michael Clark, and researchers from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, including renowned researcher Dr. Darin Padua, have pursued since October 2015 and recently completed.

The study tested 20 physically active adults to evaluate the difference between VYPER versus a standard foam roller without vibration. Myofascial trigger point (MTrP) can cause a restriction in range in motion or pain in the fascia, also known as fibrous tissue enclosing the skeletal muscles. Foam rolling and vibration therapies effectively improve range of motion restrictions and reduce pain associated with MTrPs. When combined, these therapies may be more effective than when used in isolation. The purpose of this study was to identify the combined effects of foam rolling and vibration on dorsiflexion range of motion and pain.

The treatment works through an embedded vibrating motor which facilitates local muscle vibration. The vibration feature was turned onto VYPER setting 2 (32 HZ) selected for its tolerability, intensity, force and amplitude. To achieve amplitude, the VYPER uses a heavy weight that is driven by a patent pending transmission, which amplifies the vibration. 

The results indicated that through implementation of the VYPER protocol, which combines myofascial release and vibration therapy, the participants who used VYPER experienced a significantly greater increase in range in motion than participants who used non-vibration. Additionally, the participants who used VYPER reported a significant decrease in pain associated with myofascial release on the trigger points, leading to greater range in motion and a more positive rolling experience overall.

"This study not only shows the multiple benefits VYPER has for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, it confirms the powerful impact vibration of this amplitude can have on the body," said Anthony Katz, Founder of HYPERICE. "These findings demonstrate that we can significantly improve range of motion by improving the condition of the body's soft tissue through the combination of pressure and vibration. This is key for athletes looking to improve performance and speed up recovery time, and for everyday people looking to improve their overall health." 

As part of HYPERICE's commitment to advancing research around recovery and movement enhancement technology, HYPERICE plans to launch three new studies over the next 12 months, which will focus on the benefits of vibration, percussion and thermal technologies. 

"As a company, we will continue to accelerate and support the research, science and education related to new technologies within the recovery and mobility space. This is a top priority for us," said Jim Huether, CEO of HYPERICE. 


HYPERICE is a global recovery and movement enhancement technology company, founded by Anthony Katz, specializing in portable high performance sports medicine and orthopedic devices that provide preventative treatment, accelerate injury recovery, and enhance muscle and joint performance. HYPERICE's groundbreaking technology is setting the standard and is being used by the world's most elite athletes, in professional and collegiate training rooms and in rehabilitation facilities globally.

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