TORONTO, May 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wyse Meter Solutions (Wyse) has selected RentMoola Payment Solutions Inc. (RentMoola) to facilitate credit card payments to its entire portfolio of sub metered suites across Canada. With both companies being market leaders in their respective but related industries, this is the first phase of a long term strategic partnership.

“We are pleased to be working with Wyse to power the payments of their customers across Canada. Next to paying rent, we want to make it easy and seamless for tenants to pay their utility bills online. This partnership allows RentMoola to complement and grow our business in another payment vertical that has traditionally relied on cheques and paper forms of payment. We look forward to growing the partnership with the Wyse team over the next few years,” said Patrick Postrehovsky, CEO.
“Partnering with RentMoola was wholly natural for Wyse as their innovative and industry leading RM Utility Payments platform offers our customers enhanced flexibility and benefits. Takeup to date has been tremendous, and we could not be more pleased with our decision to partner with RentMoola and the program results to date,” said Ian Stewart, Co-CEO Wyse Meter Solutions Inc.

Wyse is utilizing RentMoola’s RM Utility payments API solution.

About RentMoola

RentMoola, one of North America's leading fintech companies, is changing the landscape of paying rent all over the world. Solving the age-old problem that paying and collecting rent is a major hassle, RentMoola is an online global payment network that allows tenants and owners to pay rent and other payments by credit card, debit card, RM Direct Debit™ or RM Cash™ while earning rewards. Members have access to our MoolaPerks™ program that provides exclusive deals to travel, lifestyle, home services and other rewards redeemable across North America, UK and Europe.


About Wyse:

PROFIT 500's 29th Fastest-Growing Company in Canada, Wyse delivers submetering & utility expense management services to property managers, owners & developers across Canada. Wyse was founded with one simple mandate: to help residents, property managers, building owners, and developers get the most out of their utility submetering program. Wyse Meter is a single point of contact for end-to-end electrical, water, and natural gas submetering solutions, with no capital costs.

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Patrick Postrehovsky
Co-Founder & CEO

Ian Stewart