Boulder, Colo., May 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BOULDER, Colo. — May 19, 2017 — Boomtown Accelerator, which nurtures selected startups through a 12-week, early-stage accelerator program, today announced the Spring 2017 teams that will present their companies at 5 p.m. this evening during Demo Day, one of the closing events of Boulder Startup Week.

The event features 10 startups who have completed Boomtown’s customized accelerator program. Demo Day allows companies to present their ideas to the public for the first time, including potential investors and strategic partners.

“At Boomtown, we invest in the entrepreneur just as much as we invest in the idea,” said Toby Krout, co-founder and executive director of Boomtown. “All of the entrepreneurs in our eighth cohort are addressing big problems, and we are extremely excited to see their visions and hard work over the past three months come to fruition on the Boulder Theater stage.”

The Boomtown companies presenting tonight include:

  • ShadowBid: ShadowBid is an advanced price alert system built to help shoppers save time and money on Amazon, where prices can change 80 million times each day. Users can set their price for any item on Amazon and then focus on the rest of their life. ShadowBid tracks the price and when it drops, the purchase is automatically made in their Amazon account.
  • Good Buy Gear: Good Buy Gear is a new kind of online marketplace to buy and sell used kid gear with integrated payments, pickup and delivery. The company saves parents time by doing all the work so they only own the right gear at the right time.
  • Jaywalk: Walk, get deals. Jaywalk is a new kind of social media that uses retail to solve our nation’s fitness crisis. It brings the best of what's around you to your phone and gets you moving. John Biggs, a founding editor of TechCrunch, and Richard Svinkin, a veteran of life sciences and health product management, built the app when they realized that the only way to get people get off the couch was to create FOMO for the real world. 
  • Read Dog: Read Dog empowers brick and mortar stores to create beautiful experiences for their customers through subscription boxes. There has been a role reversal — products are now coming to people! Founders Kate Cygan and Michael Wray know the subscription box space well and already have 300 loyal customers and over $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue. Read Dog is launching local book boxes for brands like The BookBar in Denver and Boulder Bookstore then taking on coffee roasters and hobby shops. 
  • Casting.AI: Casting.AI is using machine learning and facial recognition to connect talent and jobs in the world’s most famous marketplace, Hollywood. Human agents can only statistically remember 150 people, and in-person casting calls can take three to six months. Casting.AI agents can perfectly remember millions and match them to jobs in less than a second with 99.6 percent accuracy. 
  • Sensient: Far too many Americans dread work, and if one spends their life doing something unfulfilling, what type of life do they live? Imagine what our society could build if employees instead went to work every day with enthusiasm and invested themselves in their work. Sensient uses data to make work a fundamentally fulfilling endeavor. 
  • HeadsUp: Businesses are missing out on a $600 billion opportunity because they’re not taking advantage of how weather affects their operations. HeadsUp enables managers to make smarter, data-driven decisions around the weather and boost profit by delivering site-specific operational forecasts. 
  • RecruitSumo: It's difficult for a non-technical person to evaluate the skill set of a technical person. Nearly 70 percent of all hiring managers have budgetary responsibility for hiring technical talent but have no technical knowledge themselves. RecruitSumo uses machine learning algorithms to evaluate computer code based on three core principles: readability, reliability and writability. They do all the hard work, so you don’t have to. The RecruitSumo platform completes the grading, scoring, evaluation and provides a simple and clean output report that any non-technical manager can understand. 
  • Donate Your Change: Donate Your Change is leading innovation in the FinTech industry. Donate Your Change creates sustainable revenue for their clients by turning everyday purchases/financial transactions into recurring payments and donations.
  • Nicolette: Nicolette is a patient empowerment company. They build visual, audio and interactive displays of medical data and research to enable patients to understand their health quickly and with enough confidence to serve as their own healthcare advocate. Nicolette’s entry point is the NICU, where new parents are in high-stakes, high-anxiety situations and typically do not have the capability of understanding their baby’s diagnosis, plan of care and progress. Nicolette’s dashboards translate raw EHR data so well that these same parents understand complex topics within minutes, then efficiently move through treatment options and ultimately make a collaborative decision with their baby’s healthcare team. 

Boomtown will be live tweeting from the event and people can join the conversation or follow along on Twitter with the #gofromhere hashtag. Applications will be closing soon for the Fall 2017 cohort, to apply please visit

About Boomtown
Based in Boulder, Colo., Boomtown aims to discover and support promising Healthtech, Internet, mobile, software and Internet of Things (IoT) startups. Boomtown’s goal is not simply to provide the shortest distance between an idea and funding, but instead to support entrepreneurs in building great companies. Currently in its eighth tech and third Healthtech classes, Boomtown has invested in more than 70 companies since its founding in 2014. Of those, 83 percent are in operation and 72 percent are generating revenue. For more information, visit

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