Nanoco and Kyulux Inc. Sign Agreement to Develop Next Generation Displays

The creation of Cadmium-Free Quantum Dot Hybrid QLED - OLED Technology Offers the Potential of Vastly Superior Displays

MANCHESTER, U.K. & CONCORD, Mass., May 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nanoco Group plc (LSE:NANO), a world leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots and other nanomaterials, and Kyulux Inc., a world leader in developing and delivering the next generation of organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology today announced the signing of a collaboration and joint development agreement.

Under the agreement, Nanoco’s heavy metal free quantum dots (CFQD quantum dots) will be combined with Kyulux’s Hyperflourescent ‘thermally activated delayed fluorescence’ (“TADF”) technology to create future generation hybrid OLED / QLED display technology with  superior qualities to existing products in the display market.

In addition to offering a high degree of brightness and pure color, the combination of technologies means the displays will be cost effective for manufacturers and highly energy efficient for consumers.

“We are excited by the potential of this partnership, which brings together two global leaders in their fields,” said Nanoco’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Edelman. “By combining the best of quantum dot technology with the best of new generation OLED technology, we will bring world-class display technology to market.  We have great confidence in our ability to deliver our current technology to the display market as planned.  Innovation is core to Nanoco and this partnership complements our existing strategy to deliver cutting edge technology to the display market without increasing our cash burn.”

“Kyulux is delighted to collaborate with Nanoco on this project, which will produce a vast improvement in display technology,” said Christopher Savoie, Chief Executive Officer of Kyulux Inc. “As well as enhancing brightness and color, our next generation of display devices will be both cost effective and highly energy efficient.  This will offer a technology breakthrough, particularly in the manufacture of ultra-high definition large screen devices.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Nanoco and Kyulux will jointly develop and market this future display technology.


Kyulux is a leader in developing and delivering the next generation of organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, TADF. Kyulux develops and sells TADF and Hyperfluoresence based OLED materials and solutions to manufacturers in the display and lighting industries.

Founded in 2015, the Company currently owns or has exclusive, co-exclusive or sole license rights to a large TADF intellectual property portfolio developed over the past seven years at Kyushu University and its industrial partners. Kyulux also enjoys a license to cutting-edge deep learning–based artificial intelligence technology for chemical discovery developed at Harvard University.

Kyulux’s cofounder and the inventor of TADF technology, Prof. Chihaya Adachi, is widely viewed as the top global researcher in OLED technology, having been a key author and inventor in all previous generations of OLED materials that are now used every day by consumers across the globe.

Based in Fukuoka, Japan, with an advanced research and development center in Boston, Massachusetts.  For further information please visit:


Nanoco (LSE:NANO) harnesses the power of nano-technology to create a brighter, more sustainable future. Based on breakthrough science, Nanoco’s proprietary manufacturing process enables the large-scale production of its cadmium-free CFQD® quantum dots for multiple applications:

  • LCD display, where Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dots give consumers peace of mind to enjoy next-generation color performance and energy efficiency without allowing toxic chemicals into their homes.
  • Lighting, where Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dots are used in horticulture to safely speed plant growth.
  • Healthcare, where Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dots are opening new, potentially life saving uses in bio-imaging.
  • Solar, where Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dots are incorporated into printable solar inks for future thin, highly efficient and low cost solar cells.

Nanoco has non-exclusive manufacturing and marketing licensing agreements in display with The Dow Chemical Company, Merck KGaA of Germany, and Wah Hong Industrial Corporation of Taiwan. Through these partners and its own production facilities in Runcorn, UK, Nanoco is creating the world’s largest manufacturing ecosystem for cadmium-free quantum dots.

Nanoco was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Manchester, UK, with a US subsidiary, Nanoco Inc., in Concord, MA. Nanoco continues to build out a world-class, patent-protected IP portfolio generated both by its own innovation engine, as well as through acquisition. 

Nanoco is listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange and trades under the ticker symbol NANO.  For further information please visit:


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