PURCHASE, NY--(Marketwired - May 23, 2017) - Chromium picolinate has long been known for its positive effects on glucose metabolism when it comes to weight management. However, more than 35 clinical studies on humans have been completed on a brand of chromium picolinate called Chromax, a dietary supplement ingredient developed by Nutrition 21. For the past three decades, Nutrition 21 has paved the way for scientific claims on this essential mineral. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, most Americans have diets that are low in chromium due to decreased levels of chromium in the soil, and loss of chromium from refined foods. Low chromium levels can affect glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol levels, and risk of diabetes and heart disease.

As a result of numerous double-blind, placebo controlled human clinical studies have been performed with Nutrition 21's Chromax chromium picolinate, specific claims can be made using this ingredient to promote weight loss and weight management, reduce body fat, improve and preserve lean body mass and promote metabolism. Other claims for Chromax include: improves carbohydrate and blood sugar metabolism; enhances insulin sensitivity and function; and can be used for the nutritional support of people with diabetes. Additionally, Chromax can help promote cardiovascular health, enhance mood and reduce carbohydrate and food cravings as well as reduce caloric intake and increase satiety.

"The number and types of claims that can be made with Chromax are substantial," said James Komorowski, MS, CNS, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at Nutrition 21. "Nutrition 21 leads the way in clinical research on chromium picolinate, with the most human clinical claim support behind our Chromax brand of chromium. This clinical research on Chromax is what helped build the heritage behind Nutrition 21 and our research-based approach to developing efficacious nutritional ingredients that have an impact on a wide range of health outcomes."

One of the most pivotal studies published on Chromax was conducted by Gilbert R. Kaats, PhD at the Health and Medical Research Foundation. The randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled study, conducted on 122 subjects, concluded that the use of Chromax led to significant improvement in body composition and fat-mass reduction. Other studies of note have shown Chromax to increase lean body mass, while simultaneously decreasing body fat.

"Chromax is one of Nutrition 21's flagship ingredients," said Komorowski. "Chromax's claims for effectiveness are second to none due to the rigorous nature of the clinical trials supporting the brand as well as all of our patented ingredients. There is a significant advantage in using Chromax in the weight management, glucose metabolism, cardiovascular and cognitive function product categories."

Chromax has significantly higher efficacious absorption rates compared to other forms of chromium in head-to-head clinical studies. Chromax has GRAS status and is recognized as safe for use in nutritional bars and beverages as a nutrient supplement. Learn more about Chromax at: www.nutrition21.com.

About Nutrition 21, LLC

Nutrition 21, a wholly owned subsidiary of JDS Therapeutics, is a leader in the nutritional supplement industry. With many years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience, the company's scientific platform has created unique, patented products that are safe and clinically effective. Rigorous preclinical and clinical trials are a key part of its product development strategy to ensure product safety and consumer trust. Nutrition 21 currently holds more than 100 domestic and international issued, and pending, patents for products. Many support unique claims associated with, among others, glucose metabolism, weight management, cognition and sports nutrition.

The company is a developer and marketer of efficacious, high-value, clinically substantiated ingredients for dietary supplements, medical foods and beverages. Nutrition 21's branded ingredients include: Velositol® amylopectin chromium complex, clinically shown to significantly enhance the effects of whey protein - significantly increasing muscle protein synthesis, the key to muscle growth; Chromax® chromium picolinate, with clinically substantiated benefits for glucose metabolism, weight management, and brain health; Nitrosigine® bonded arginine silicate is clinically shown to significantly boost nitric oxide levels supporting mental acuity/focus and sports nutrition. Nitric oxide is a key factor in promoting the relaxation of smooth muscle in blood vessels, increasing blood flow to working muscles. For more information, please visit: www.Nutrition21.com.

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