RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwired - May 24, 2017) - A new study found that surveyed global teams are more likely to change patient adherence staffing levels, with half of the teams expecting to increase their outsourced FTEs, according to business intelligence provider Cutting Edge Information.

The data in Patient Adherence Program Planning: Drive Compliance to Improve Treatment Outcomes show that outsourced staffing increases range from 10% up to 100%, including two surveyed Top 50 company teams that are planning to expand their patient adherence teams by doubling their outsourced staff.

The study found that global patient adherence teams may rise and decline in importance depending on a product's lifecycle, most likely because these teams may be responsible for setting strategies during launch and then handing off responsibility to other teams later.

"Patient adherence team staffing varies greatly based on the individual team," said Adam Bianchi, senior director of research at Cutting Edge Information. "For example, a team looking to grow quickly may turn to outsourced FTEs."

Patient adherence staffing levels for in-house personnel will only increase by 33% according to surveyed global teams' data. For two surveyed global teams with in-house staffing increases, these changes represent only 1% and 5% growth. Typically, it is much easier to hire outsourced staff because a third party is responsible for vetting and — sometimes — training these personnel. Additionally, hiring in-house staff may require extra time and resources. As a result, many surveyed teams report an increase in the number of outsourced FTEs.

Although most surveyed global teams expect patient adherence staffing changes, the study found that all surveyed regional teams will keep their same staffing levels for both in-house and outsourced FTEs.

Patient Adherence Program Planning: Drive Compliance to Improve Treatment Outcomes, available at, examines how pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other life science companies develop and support patient adherence topics. The report includes detailed benchmarking metrics and case studies of winning initiatives, including budgets, timing, outsourcing and vendor selection, as well as program channels – including digital and mobile resources – for new patient adherence initiatives.

The report is a decision support tool for life science companies seeking to implement or improve their approaches to patient adherence. The report is designed to help executives:

  • Develop a winning combination of patient adherence activities across a range of media.
  • Take advantage of new patient adherence technologies and strategies, such as gamification.
  • Benchmark budget and staffing resources for patient adherence initiatives.
  • Discover industry trends and insights into new approaches for patient adherence programs.

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