Fun Spot America Theme Parks releases new information on the Mine Blower Coaster

KISSIMMEE, FL--(Marketwired - May 25, 2017) - The Mine Blower wooden coaster, which is designed and being built by The Gravity Group, will not only feature a unique 360 degree barrel roll but also include a one of a kind 115 degree bank turn that will will give the riders a head over heart moment. This will be the only wooden coaster in North America with this type of banked turn following a inverted 360 degree barrel roll.

Koery Kiepert, P.E. of The Gravity Group, said, "The difference between a steel roller coaster and a wooden roller coaster, has to do with the material that the track is primarily made up of. Traditional wooden coasters have several layers of wood track that are built on-site and then topped with steel rails for the trains to run on them. While it is common for steel roller coasters to have all sorts of loops and inversions, wooden roller coasters have historically not gone upside down. The Mine Blower features two locations where guests are flipped over -- the first is a full inversion that happens after the first drop. It is a mix between a barrel roll and a zero-g roll, taking guests a full 360 degrees. The second location happens on a turn in the ride where the track is banked 115 degrees -- inverting riders as they travel through the overbanked turn.The inversions are made possible due to our revolutionary Timberliner trains. Timberliners are the only wooden coaster cars that have a steerable wheel system, allowing them to more closely follow the track shape as well as navigate twists and turns that are tighter than has traditionally been found on wooden roller coasters."

John Arie Jr, Fun Spot America's CEO, stated, "This project has been thrilling since the initial discussion and continues to be thrilling as we near the projects completion. We did not want to release the original concept until everyone was sure we absolutely could pull this off and create this amazing ride for our guests. Safe-Clean-Fun has been a foundation to our principles here at Fun Spot America the last 19 years and with this thrilling new coaster ready to launch this summer we are ready to Making America Fun Again!"

Fun Spot America Theme Parks are Central Florida's only family owned theme parks, with two locations Orlando and Kissimmee. John Arie, Sr., owner and founder of the Fun-n-Wheels attraction in 1978 then developed and expanded the property into Fun Spot America Theme Parks. Fun Spot America Theme Parks features unique patented multi-leveled go-kart tracks, Arcades, Roller Coasters, Family, Kiddie, and Thrill Rides. It is home to the largest arch (Orlando - 250 ft.) and tallest (Kissimmee - 300 ft.) SkyCoasters in the world. It has Orlando's only wooden roller coaster (White Lightning). Fun Spot America Theme Parks currently employs approximately 500 employees.

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