Luxify and 99 Limited Editions Fine Art House Brings What Limited Editions Should Be to Asian Buyers

HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - May 30, 2017) - A new collaboration was formed between Luxify, Asia's premier online marketplace and 99 Limited Editions, a Luxury Fine Art House based in London. Bringing not only museum-level, affordable fine art to the market but also offering art collectors a new way to tackle the issue behind limited editions within the art world.

Hong Kong's taste in fine art has exploded in recent years, you need not look further than the recent Asia Contemporary Art Show for proof of this, where art collectors from across the world gathered under one show. Florian Matigny, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Luxify said: "Our city is now a major destination for both experienced and budding Art Collectors. Luxify's goal is to connect Asian art collectors to long established, innovative Art Galleries throughout the world. 99 Limited Editions being the perfect example of luxury fine art we feel is well suited for the Asian Marketplace."

Apart from handcrafting museum-level fine art, they are also working towards changing the art sector itself. Jessica van Haselen, the Creative Director of 99 Limited Editions, said: "A largely ignored problem in the art world at the moment is the misleading idea of Limited Editions. It isn't regulated properly in the art world, especially online and we've found many customers being misled around the idea that these limited editions were the only way of getting that specific artwork on their walls."

She added: "The truth is that many online platforms produce limited editions but when a particular artwork by a recognised artist becomes popular, they then rerelease that piece in a different form. Be it through different materials or formats, such as selling its copyright to a poster printing company that then creates several copies of that very same artwork. The average customer is unaware that artwork reproduced in other wall-hanging formats do not count as part of that limited edition. Completely defeating their initial desire to add something visually unique to their space."

One of the first actions 99 Limited Editions took to combat this has been to design a new, state-of-the-art Certificate of Authenticity to protect their customer's investment and right to own something unique. Going the extra mile to legally promise their customers that the limited editions available on an artwork's product page is truly the only art form that that piece will ever be released in.

According to Florian, authentic limited editions embody what luxury is, which is why Luxify has partnered with 99 Limited Editions to continue bringing that luxurious experience to their audience. Jessica added: "We want to be a role model in what limited editions should be. This is more than a concept; it's our promise."

About 99 Limited Edition
99 Limited Editions is a London-based Luxury Fine Art House, with its own in-house design team. Their concept is unique to the art world, creating original limited edition artwork at an affordable price. To explore their limited edition photography fine art and to learn more about their concept, visit:

About Luxify
Luxify is a start-up that is only three years old yet has already become Asia's leading online marketplace for luxury. Providing an easy and safe platform that allows you to discover a vast collection of the very finest in luxury goods. For more information on Luxify, visit:

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