MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - June 01, 2017) - Widen Enterprises today unveiled more than a dozen new integrations for the Widen Collective™, the company's flagship digital asset management (DAM) system. Customers can now connect their DAM assets and metadata to more marketing, file sharing, and project management applications. Widen will roll out additional integrations over the coming months.

The Widen integrations ecosystem solves a core problem in marketing technology: data sharing. Most marketing teams use at least five to 10 different apps, but most of those don't exchange data. As a result, users constantly have to download and re-upload files, re-enter metadata, and suffer the relative weaknesses of each tool.

For instance, graphic designers often store finished content in file sharing applications that lack searching, tagging, and analytics capabilities. That makes it extremely difficult to relocate and repurpose graphics later. After connecting apps like Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box to the Collective, designers can drop files into storage and have them automatically uploaded to the DAM system with appropriate metadata. This saves time and increases the long-term value of creative content.

As another example, marketing teams often use collaboration tools like Slack to share finalized content after uploading it to the DAM system. However, generating individual links for assets and manually composing Slack messages absorbs precious time. So, with a connector for Slack, the Collective can automatically post share links to a Slack channel. Similarly, Widen connectors can automatically load files and map metadata from Workfront, ProofHQ, JIRA, Asana, and Basecamp into the DAM system upon final approval. Thus, the connectors automatically distribute new content, knock out manual steps, and make content immediately available to teams, agencies, partners, and other users.

"Marketing teams have built up impressive MarTech stacks, but sharing data among those applications is usually slow and messy," Widen's VP of Marketing, Jake Athey, said. "To solve the problem, we are connecting the Collective to our customers' favorite apps and automating the manual process that used to sap time. Wherever marketers work, that's where we're bringing DAM."

Widen will roll out more than a dozen additional connectors over the coming months. For custom integrations, customers have two options. First, they may retain Widen's Professional Services team for a system integration project consultation. Widen's consultants will interview stakeholders, recommend integration points and process improvements, and outline project requirements. Customers can then choose to have Widen, a third party, or in-house teams complete the integration. Second, customers may take the DIY approach with Widen's REST APIs. These enable applications to sync, feed, or access assets and metadata from the DAM system.

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