HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - Jun 1, 2017) - Cosmopolitan International Holdings Limited ("Cosmopolitan") (HKSE: 0120) is pleased to announce, Cosmopolitan International Investments Limited ("CIIL"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cosmopolitan, entered into the Term Sheet with the Potential Target Company and its chief executive officer (the "CEO") (independent third parties) in relation to possible investment in the Potential Target Company. It is envisaged that CIIL will become a single largest member of, and may hold a majority interest in, the Potential Target Company.

The Potential Target Company is incorporated in the United States of America. It specializes in the development and production of entertainment content that will be exclusively distributed to specially purposed exhibition venues, and has innovated the next evolution in experiential entertainment, where storytelling becomes active and alive -- physically enveloping audiences in technologically enhanced, multi-sensory stories that transport audience to incredible destinations they have only dreamed of visiting. The Potential Target Company has also made investments in other Business-related companies and renders consultancy services to such investee companies.

The Potential Target Company is led by the CEO who is known for having built two diversified billion dollar entertainment companies in the world of film, publishing, music, and location based entertainment. The president of the Potential Target Company is a multi-Academy Award winning pioneer in the world of technology and is known for having built and run some of the most respected visual effects, animation, and production houses in the entertainment industry.

About Cosmopolitan International Holdings Limited
Cosmopolitan International Holdings was established in 1991, and became listed on Hong Kong listing Exchange board. Since 2013, the group has become a listed subsidiary of Paliburg Holdings Limited ("PHL") and Century City International Holdings Limited ("CCIHL"). Plus Regal Hotels International Holdings Limited and Regal Real Estate Investment Trust, the Century City Group comprises a total of five listed entities in Hong Kong. Cosmopolitan's core business includes property development and investment (focusing on the business in the People's Republic of China), as well as financial and other investments.

The Group's investment philosophy is to maximize profits through strategic investment with the established basis of current existing business.

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