PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - June 05, 2017) - TLC is a channel known for sharing inspiring stories of people overcoming setbacks and obstacles to a better life, and its show about body transformation through skin removal surgery, Skin Tight, is no different. Kathleen Waldorf, MD, FACS, and Dr. Rachel Streu, MD -- both practicing plastic surgery in Portland, OR, at The Waldorf Center -- recently appeared on the show as the doctors who helped massive-weight-loss patient Mary Maxwell take another step toward revealing her slimmed-down look. The May 3 episode detailed Mary's journey from 315 to 165 pounds, as well as life with the visible and physically uncomfortable reminder of that weight: loose, sagging flaps of skin that continued to hide her now-thinner figure.

The Waldorf Center team removed that unwanted skin, giving Mary an all-new look.

Rapid weight loss, whether thanks to exercise and careful dieting or weight loss surgery, can leave a person weighing less, but still carrying around up to 50 pounds of loose skin. The Skin Tight series features two massive-weight-loss patients per episode, beginning prior to their skin-removing plastic surgery and building to a dramatic reveal that shows off their results.

Dr. Waldorf said that she believes Mary's surgery has contributed to increased self confidence and an improvement to her quality of life. Mary's own words in her social media updates indicate that she would agree. On May 24, Mary posted to Instagram: "Serious question #1....why didn't I have plastics sooner?!! This body is flipping awesome!"

Dr. Waldorf also explained that the overall journey of weight loss and plastic surgery is more involved than it may appear on the show. In particular, counseling plays a significant role in a patient's life prior to choosing skin-removal surgery, with the doctors fully explaining the potential risks and working to prepare the patient both physically and mentally.

The Skin Tight website offers full episodes from the show's two seasons, clips, photos, and more.

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