Sumo Logic Delivers the Platform to Democratize Machine Data Analytics

Disruptive Licensing Model, Native Integrations and User Experience Innovations Make Real-Time Continuous Intelligence Accessible to Millions

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 6, 2017) - Sumo Logic, the leading cloud-native, machine data analytics platform that delivers continuous intelligence, today announced major innovations in the platform. A disruptive licensing model, native integrations and universal access unleash the inherent power of Sumo Logic's multi-tenant platform and machine learning capabilities to enable customers to realize their full data insight potential to build, run, secure and manage modern applications, regardless of the underlying infrastructure and technology stack.

Businesses of all sizes are transforming at an unprecedented pace to deliver new experiences for their customers and compete in the digital era. But legacy technologies, inefficient siloed processes and tools, and a tsunami of data are slowing their transformation, and it's only getting harder. According to Barclays' Big Data Handbook, the volume of machine data will exceed 16 zettabytes by 2020, and current approaches to machine data will leave the vast majority of digital insights hidden away, starving the operators of modern apps from the intelligence they need to make decisions. Sumo Logic is addressing these challenges by removing the licensing, speed and user access barriers that have been carried over from old computing models.

"Hearst Business Media has truly become a data-based company, and as we continue to store more and more data, we have to be able to perceive the same value even as the data increases. It's critical to have modern tools that give everyone across our team access to this intelligence and insights so we can get the most value out of that data," said Pauly Comtois, VP of DevOps for Hearst Business Media. "What Sumo Logic does for HBM is to open the data funnel up in such a way that everyone has access to the value that the data provides."

Sumo Logic Introduces New Innovations
Sumo Logic's mission is to create the leading cloud-native machine data analytics platform that delivers continuous intelligence for modern applications management. To achieve this, Sumo Logic today announced three major innovations that make continuous intelligence available to all users, in a platform that addresses all data types, cloud platforms, applications and infrastructure, delivered as a low TCO, scalable and secure service. 

  • Sumo Cloud Flex: New Licensing Model Disrupts the Economics of Traditional Data Analytics

Traditionally, machine data analytics has been priced as one-size-fits-all based on the volume of data ingested -- as the data tsunami grows, so does the cost. This inflexible model is not optimized for emerging and more flexible use cases such as application development and deployment, IT operations and management, compliance and security, and new growth opportunities from end-customer insights. Organizations are often forced to make a trade-off between the high cost of current licensing models, also known as a data tax, that refers to the cost of moving data into the data analytics solution. 

Sumo Cloud Flex disrupts the economics of data analytics by providing customers with maximum flexibility to align data consumption, retention and analytics with different use cases and variable seasonality of data; universal access by removing user-based pricing; and full transparency via a real-time usage dashboard. Sumo Cloud Flex is designed for large terabyte-scale data sets, and is available today in private beta for enterprises with data ingest as low as 500GB.

"In their attempts to gain the most from operations data, companies are often hindered by both the tremendous growth of machine data, and the pricing models of current solutions that are typically based on volume of data ingested and/or number of users," said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst, application and infrastructure performance, 451 Research. "These models handcuff users, forcing them to neglect to collect important data and leave many potential users without access. As organizations continue their digital transformation processes, they need a model that allows them to leverage all kinds of data, across the enterprise."

  • Unified Machine Data Analytics: New Native Integrations Deliver the Leading Cloud-Native, Machine Data Analytics Platform

Machine data analytics provides the complete visibility needed to manage the growing complexity of modern application architectures. Sumo Logic unveiled new integrations to cloud infrastructure services and cloud application development services to support data ingest from a variety of cloud platforms, apps and infrastructure. These include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, Microsoft Azure and Pivotal Cloud Foundry®, in addition to leading on-premises infrastructures, to deliver an analytics layer that provides maximum flexibility and holistic management across the entire modern application and infrastructure stack. 

These integrations are available today, making Sumo Logic the industry's first cloud-native and modern application management platform to provide a unified system to natively ingest, analyze and correlate structured (metrics) and semi-structured (logs) across a diversity of cloud systems, containerization, third party integrations, networks, devices and environments -- while remaining data and cloud agnostic.

"The move to cloud computing is causing a seismic shift in application architecture. Cloud-native platforms enable organizations to transform how they build software, with speed and flexibility," said Joshua McKenty, VP of Global Ecosystem Engineering for Pivotal®. "We're excited to collaborate with Sumo Logic to provide Pivotal Cloud Foundry customers with operational visibility and real-time insights into their application performance and security as provided by Sumo Logic's platform."

  • Universal Access: New Experience Capabilities Targeted for Non-Technical Users Address the Professional Skills Gap

Machine data in the form of log analysis and metrics monitoring is largely an IT, data scientist and expert administrator tool. Sumo Logic is providing new experience capabilities, including a contextual and intuitive user interface to improve user productivity and public dashboards, and improved content sharing for faster collaboration with role-based access (RBAC) controls. These user experience enhancements enable Sumo Logic customers to simplify the process of uncovering, sharing and acting on machine data insights, thereby making machine data analytics relevant to technical and non-technical users across the organization. These new experience capabilities are available today.

"We are pushing the boundaries to continuously innovate in order to remove the complexity and cost associated with getting the most value out of data - whether it's build-it-yourself open source toolkits and legacy on-premises commercial software packages, the data tax associated with legacy licensing models, or the technology limitations that have prevented universal access for all types of data sources and users," said Ramin Sayar, president and CEO for Sumo Logic. "Real-time machine data analytics is the only way digital businesses can experience the continuous intelligence needed to drive their continuous innovation processes. We're excited to deliver a powerful and unified machine data analytics platform that democratizes machine data and unlocks the full data intelligence potential of modern applications and infrastructures." 

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