NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 6, 2017) -  Flock, the fastest and slickest team collaboration and chat platform with users across 25,000 global organizations, today announced the availability of its Native User Migration Tool to help Slack users seamlessly transition to the Flock platform. With the tool, Slack users can migrate to Flock while retaining all data, messages, contacts and histories. Additionally, Slack teams that migrate to Flock will decrease their enterprise chat and collaboration costs by over 60 percent per user per month for premium accounts.

In many organizations, a team messaging and collaboration platform is the central hub for most conversations and operations-related activities, as well as the repository for critical information. Until now, Slack has been considered the leading platform, even with major players such as Microsoft (Teams) and Facebook (Workplace) recently penetrating the market. Existing and new users leveraging collaboration platforms are starting to demand more features, functionalities and ease of use than these platforms are providing. Despite demand for new innovations, Slack customers have been apprehensive about transitioning from one collaboration ecosystem to another, with the possibility of data loss during the process being a primary concern. Flock's Native User Migration Tool was built to overcome this challenge and more.

Based on feedback from current Slack users, the Migration Tool was created to ensure a comprehensive transition from Slack to Flock and to make the process seamless, fast and stress-free. Slack administrators can initiate the Native User Migration Tool by clicking the "Import Teams" tab in the Admin Panel, which will import the following data directly into Flock:

  • All contacts and teams
  • Public and private channels
  • All channels and chats
  • Chat history
  • Shared files, content and URLs

Click here for step-by-step migration instructions.

Once the process is initiated, new teams will be created within the Flock ecosystem, which will mirror those previously established in Slack. At the completion of the migration, team administrators will receive an email providing an overview of all the data imported, including the numbers of users and teams, public and private channels, and the number of messages and files.

"Team messaging and collaboration platforms like Flock are the nerve center for company-wide conversations and sharing of information, and one key challenge in migrating from one platform to another is the retention of all the associated data," said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO of Flock. "We developed the Native User Migration Tool to ensure a seamless and painless transition, and we couldn't be happier to welcome new users to the Flock community. Flock will stay committed to its new and existing users by constantly innovating its offerings based on user feedback to help enhance their productivity and efficiency the way they want."

Drivers for migrating from Slack to Flock include a major cost-savings of over 60 percent -- from $8.00 (Slack) to $3.00 (Flock) per user per month for premium accounts -- and free features and innovations that outmatch any provided by Slack, including:

  • Unlimited messages
  • No hidden maximum limit to public and private channels, users and teams
  • Unlimited Magic Search, which prioritizes frequent contacts and channels
  • Chat tab action buttons for to-dos and mailing lists
  • Integrated video calls with up to eight users
  • An intuitive UI for seamless conversation and message management
  • An expanding ecosystem of native apps and integrations
  • A truly native desktop client
  • Deep integrations with external services such as Google Drive
  • Platform-wide language support in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, with more languages to come
  • A rich third-party app ecosystem with the market's easiest integration capabilities
  • An open API, giving internal and third-party developers the power to quickly create and deploy innovative new apps
  • Protection against the possibility of spreading fake news and content influencing team decision-making processes

"I switched my entire team over from Slack and couldn't be happier," said Luke Rodriguez, owner and co-founder of Modern Horror. "It's truly impressive and I'm proud to call my team a Flock team!"

Flock is currently developing a similar migration tool for HipChat users.

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