Savonix Announces Key Partnerships with Leading Life Sciences Companies to Establish a Global Standard for Digital Cognitive Assessment

Upgrades Mobile Platform for Digital Health from AWS to Microsoft Azure for Enterprise Class Delivery

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 6, 2017) - Savonix, the company that has revolutionized access to cognitive data, today announced strategic partnerships with New York University (NYU), CereScan, Proove Biosciences, Alkahest and Senescence Life Sciences to establish a global standard for digital cognitive assessment. These partnerships validate Savonix's digital cognitive assessment platform as a simple and cost-effective way to gauge cognitive function as well as organize and store data at the population level, to improve patient outcomes and accelerate medical innovation.

In 30 minutes from a mobile device, the Savonix cognitive assessment delivers what currently takes a trained clinician armed with pen, paper and a stopwatch many hours, usually across multiple appointments to complete. Savonix gives providers, payers and patients a way to easily incorporate cognitive data in treatment planning at a fraction of the cost of traditional legacy tests.

"We're excited to work with these leading life sciences and academic institutions to provide further validation and capture additional data for our Savonix Mobile platform," said Dr. Mylea Charvat, CEO at Savonix. "The brain is your body's motherboard and controls all vital functions from personality to pain feedback loops to your heartbeat. We believe cognition is the fifth vital sign, as it is highly correlated with treatment outcomes in many conditions ranging from diabetes to post-operative care. Savonix is dedicated to providing access to affordable, user-friendly cognitive tests for everyone."

"Cognitive impairment is commonly associated with pain and is a major obstacle to rehabilitation in our nation. We hope to assist physicians in making better informed treatment decisions that result in improved patient outcomes," said Dr. Svetlana Kantorovich, senior director of research & development at Proove Biosciences. "Proove Biosciences integrates genetic, lifestyle and clinical variables -- including cognitive assessments from Savonix, to deliver precision medicine solutions that improve clinical decision-making for patients suffering from chronic pain."

Savonix Upgrades Neurocognitive Assessment Platform Using Microsoft Azure
As part of its commitment to revolutionize cognitive assessment, Savonix continues to advance its platform through improvements such as WiFi optimization for real time data delivery as well as backend infrastructure migration from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure. These advancements will enhance user experience by delivering a global high-performance, reliable wireless interface to ensure an uninterrupted assessment and real time flow of data.

"We've been hard at work building out our cloud infrastructure over the last several years to help customers like Savonix deliver life-saving diagnostic solutions to their customers," said Julia White, corporate vice president, Microsoft Azure & Security at Microsoft Corp. "The cloud needs to be something that works all over the world, at any time and in any place, while still meeting the unique compliance, data sovereignty requirements of specific organizations. We recognize the critical role that a solution like the Savonix Mobile platform plays in the healthcare industry and look forward to working with Savonix and others to solve some of the most devastating modern health issues."

Savonix also recently raised $5.1 million in Series A funding led by DigiTx Partners with participation from Rethink Impact, bringing the company's total financing to $6.6 million.

For more information and a demonstration of how Savonix is redefining cognitive assessment, please visit the Savonix website.

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Savonix delivers the world's first fully mobile, evidence-based assessment of cognitive function. Available on Android and iOS for phone and tablet, Savonix Mobile is an accurate, accessible and affordable tool for professional cognitive screening. It empowers healthcare providers, payers and researchers to evaluate and leverage results to improve health and treatment outcomes. Led by clinical psychologists, neuroscientists and IT leaders, the company aims to establish the global authority on cognition and its relationship to risk, outcomes and the development of innovative therapies. Savonix evidence-based tests are digital versions of the gold standard cognition tests, many of which neuropsychologists have used effectively since the 1930s. For more information, visit and follow @savonixinc on Twitter.

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