WARREN, NJ--(Marketwired - Jun 6, 2017) - Wear the Cape™, a brand that gives back and aims to restore the power of kindness and heroic character with cool, inspirational products and its non-profit the kidkind foundation, today announced its first picture book for preschool and early elementary school-age kids, It's Good to Be Kind. Brought to life with hand-painted illustrations, the children's book shares the story of Leonard the Lion -- admired by all other animals as King of the Jungle -- who wears a red cape and uses his power and status to make a positive impact on those around him. Sprinkled with magic and mystery, the fun, colorful book is perfect for a young child's summer reading list. It's Good to Be Kind is available for sale on Amazon.com and Wear the Cape's website here: http://bit.ly/2qUS0Xp

"It's crucial that kindness is taught from an early age -- a relatable picture book is one of the most effective ways to impress important life lessons upon our children," said Leigh Ann Errico, CEO and founder of Wear the Cape and the kidkind foundation. "Our organization is thrilled to make It's Good to Be Kind available for purchase, as well as donate the book to underprivileged schools across the nation. It's a valuable addition to home and school libraries."

Inspired by Wear the Cape Founder Leigh Ann Errico's vision for the organization, Lauren DuBois Rosemond wrote the book with input from teachers, children's reading experts and Wear the Cape's resident character education advisor Philip Brown, PhD, who is a Fellow of the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University where he founded and directed the Center for Social and Character Development. Also taught in Wear the Cape's assembly program for elementary schools, It's Good to Be Kind incorporates mnemonic devices that remind kids to STOP and THINK whether their choices will HELP or HURT. Both the book and assembly are designed to assist kids with making connections, practicing skills and learning strategies needed to be a positive force in their communities and be BETTER THAN THAT™ -- better than bad choices including bullying.

"I felt that it was important to depict the 'popular' kid choosing to do the right thing, the kind thing, despite being in a position where he could abuse his social power by being a bully," commented Rosemond. "The story is meant to give kids confidence that showing empathy and kindness will not only make other people feel happier, but they'll feel happier, too. Treating others well makes them liked and admired, while winning friends."

Parents, teachers and guidance counselors can utilize It's Good to Be Kind as a tool for communicating to kids that acting honorably -- with kindness, courage and respect -- is the best way to shine socially. To carry through the book's teachings, Wear the Cape also offers lesson plans, roundtable workshops, and further reading for families, educators and youth club leaders.

Errico, an experienced leadership coach and Head of Human Resources, built Wear the Cape and established the kidkind foundation in 2013 when she identified the need for resources on kindness and character-building that would appeal to her own four children. The idea for the brand was sparked when she observed that the chance to wear a cape -- the organization's logo -- motivates children to act like heroes, or "Cape Kids," in order to live up to the symbol of honor.

To buy It's Good to Be Kind, go to Amazon.com or Wear the Cape's online shop at http://bit.ly/2qUS0Xp. To find out how to bring Wear the Cape's school assembly to your community and to learn more about the organization, visit www.wearthecapekids.com.

About Wear the Cape and the kidkind foundation
Wear the Cape™ is the first global, mission-powered brand with the nerve to equate being kind with being cool. By coaching kids to be BETTER THAN THAT™, Wear the Cape breaks down barriers and brings people together -- a world of new values prevails: It's cool to be inclusive, tolerant and socially responsible. From its line of apparel and accessories, to its educational tools and its own non-profit the kidkind foundation, Wear the Cape sparks awareness and raises money to build heroes, a kid at a time. Wear the Cape's products and resources are designed to create teachable moments between kids and the grown-ups they look up to with Hero Tags that tee up conversations about what it means to stand up and stand out; to stick up for the underdog; to do what's right, not what's easy. Wear the Cape donates 10% of its net profits directly to the kidkind foundation, and the rest is reinvested in the design and production of new products, as well as character-building educational materials for parents and teachers to help the kids they love. Wear the Cape's work with communities and schools is helping mold everyday heroes that will create a kinder, better world for us all.

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