SMYRNA, TN--(Marketwired - Jun 7, 2017) - Franke, a global leader in the manufacture of luxury sinks and faucets, introduced an array of industry-first new products and concepts at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York from May 21-24, 2017, all of which offered a vision of tomorrow's kitchen as the heart of the home with the sink as its multi-purpose centerpiece.

At the show, Franke launched the following new products: Pescara, a sleek and contemporary line of sinks and faucets; Absinthe, a collection of faucets defined by graceful contours reminiscent of a liqueur bottle; and StillPure Filtration, a water filtration system that works with the industry's first smart phone app to monitor water usage via Bluetooth technology. The Swiss-based company also spotlighted its award-winning Chef Center, a first-of-its kind innovation that elevates the sink to sous chef, with daily demonstrations by the renowned Chef Billy Parisi; showcased its environmentally-friendly luxury waste disposers, and its highly functional and durable retail faucet line; and unveiled two European concept sinks -- the Crystal and the Cera -- that offered a vision of a New Age of Stainless Steel in which the ubiquitous material is reimagined with overlays of glass and ceramic.

"Franke's history confirms that there is no limit to the ways in which the seemingly simple sink -- and its accompanying faucets and accessories -- can enhance the experience of gathering, entertaining and celebrating with friends and family in the kitchen," said Alexander Zschokke, CEO of Franke Group. "Centuries of tradition have dictated that the heart of the kitchen is the hearth, but that focus has now shifted to the sink. It's where healthy meals are prepped, where people gather, and where clean-up begins and ends."

"Franke believes the sink and faucet should therefore be the essence of form, function, and freedom in the kitchen. This is why we design; this is why we innovate: to bring to the new heart of the kitchen products that make entertaining a true pleasure."

Franke's range of kitchen solutions showcased at ICFF include:
New Products

  • Pescara Sinks and Faucets combine quality, craftsmanship, performance and innovation.
    • Pescara sinks are available in seven sizes that range from an 18-inch prep sink to a 36-inch single bowl sink; feature 18-gauge Franke stainless steel; tight radius corners; square drain designs; and Franke's patented integral ledge system that incorporates a shelf grid to create a raised surface, making it easier and more comfortable to work at the bowl.
    • Pescara faucets are available in four styles: Pull-Down Faucet (comes in three sizes), a Deck Mount Pot Filler, Wall Mount Pot Filler, and Prep Faucet. Each is visually stunning and easy-to-use. The Pull-Down faucets feature an intuitive switch that allows for altering between full and needle spray; water-saving flow rates between 1.75 - 2.2 gpm; and three finishes: polished chrome, steel or satin nickel.
    • Franke's Pescara sinks and faucets, now available in showrooms nationwide, are sold exclusively at Franke retailers.

  • Absinthe Faucets blend elegant aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology. Available in six styles -- 1-Hole Faucet with Side Spray, Pull-Down Faucet, Pull-Out Faucet, Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet, Bar Faucet and Prep Faucet. Franke's Absinthe line features extensive swivel ranges; water-saving flow rates; and four finishes: matte black, polished nickel, satin nickel, or polished chrome finish. Absinthe faucets, available in showrooms nationwide beginning in July, will be sold exclusively at Franke retailers.

  • StillPure Filtration System filters out limescale, metals, chlorine and more -- providing users with the purest fresh water right from the kitchen faucet. The StillPure Franke Filtration App -- now available for download in app stores for Apple and Android smart phones -- works with the FM100 Monitor (a Bluetooth monitor that easily attaches to the Filtration System) to track how many filtered gallons of water a household consumes and conveniently alerts users when it's time to change the filter. It's the definition of luxury for environmentally responsible consumers, whose water usage alerts are sent directly to their cell phones. Franke's StillPure Filtration System, now available in showrooms nationwide, is sold exclusively at Franke retailers.

Showcased Products

  • Chef Center: Franke's award-winning Chef Center is an integrated kitchen solution that is changing the way consumers think about sinks. The Chef Center's impeccable Swiss design considers every convenience and accessory the home chef requires while entertaining. Its composting compartment allows for easy removal of food scraps, and the storage compartment serves as a holder for utensils while preparing for a party or ice bucket while the party's on. From prep, to presentation, to party, the Chef Center is more Sous Chef than sink. The Chef Center, now available in showrooms nationwide, is sold exclusively at Franke retailers.

  • Luxury Waste Disposers: These environmentally-friendly waste management solutions feature superior grind quality and Bio Shield® Odor Protection to enhance any kitchen system. The line consists of seven meticulously designed waste disposers, ranging in size from 11 pounds and 1/3 horsepower, to 17 pounds and 1 1/4 horsepower. Franke's new waste disposers grind to septic-system compatible levels of fineness in the fastest possible time, and use less energy. Franke's waste disposers are now available in showrooms across the country.

European Concept Sinks

  • Crystal Sink, where stainless steel meets glimmering glass, was designed with the purist in mind -- the person with a minimalist aesthetic and an appreciation of elegant simplicity. The Crystal sink is conceptualized in both black and white and sheathed in heat-and-chip resistant glass. Its shimmering translucence naturally draws the eye in its direction, and is destined to become the central focus of a well-appointed kitchen. Follow Franke to learn when the Crystal sink will be available in the United States.

  • Cera Sink, where stainless steel meets tattooed enamel, is fashioned of Franke's highest-grade stainless and a ceramic coating -- rendering the interior practically immune to wear and tear. The coating is remarkably durable, yet as smooth as glass. And, just because we can, we've added the possibility of tattooing the surface for a look that's both distinctive and fun. Follow Franke to learn when the Cera sink will be available in the United States.

By bringing to the stainless experience new definitions of functionality and beauty, Franke reinforces its status as a leader in kitchen design for tomorrow -- underscoring the importance of the highest quality stainless steel and its benefits to the home chef. For more details on Franke's newest innovations, or to find a showroom near you, visit

About Franke Group

Franke belongs to the Artemis Group and is a world-leading provider of solutions for residential kitchens and bathrooms, public washrooms, professional foodservice and coffee preparation. The Group operates worldwide and employs around 9,000 people in 40 countries. For more information, visit

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