REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 7, 2017) - Glint, the People Success Platform™, today revealed data that demonstrates the valuable impact that employee engagement can have on a company's employer brand and stock market performance. An analysis of data from more than half a million employees found that companies in the top quartile of Glint scores have Glassdoor Recommend scores that are 34 percentage points higher on average than those in the bottom quartile of Glint scores. Further, the analysis showed that public companies within the top quartile of Glint scores achieved 42% higher 52-week change in stock value than companies in the bottom quartile -- validation that company culture and employee engagement are linked to business success.

The data also identifies the most connected elements of employee engagement on employer brand and stock performance. For example, data shows that Glassdoor ratings are strongly linked by key Glint score drivers such as culture, resources, career path, manager, and empowerment -- all of which correlate with the overall Glassdoor rating. The analysis revealed that organizations in the top quartile of Glint scores have, on average:

  • 35% higher Glassdoor ratings (4.2 vs 3.1) than those in the bottom quartile
  • Glassdoor Recommendations that are 34 percentage points higher (83% vs 49%) than those in the bottom quartile
  • CEO approval ratings that are 27 percentage points higher (93% vs 66%) than those in the bottom quartile
  • 87% Recommendation rating among employees citing high scores for personal growth and company potential

"Company culture manifests itself not just internally, but externally as well. This new data supports the implicit belief that most organizations hold -- that employee engagement impacts company reputation and is a critical driver of the organization's success," said Jim Barnett, Glint CEO and co-founder. "Glint is using organizational development science and AI to help organizations identify the underlying causes that drive engagement, illuminating connections that are often missed or left unsaid. Those insights allow organizations to have a real impact on the success of their people, which fuels the success of the organization."

In addition to the finding that public companies with the highest Glint scores tend to achieve higher stock performance, the study also identified key drivers to improvements in stock value. The analysis revealed that:

  • Public companies within the top quartile of Glint scores achieved 42% higher 52-week change in stock value than companies in the bottom quartile 
  • Organizations in the top quartile of scores related to personal growth opportunities had a 5x higher market cap per employee than those in the bottom quartile

"This data provides strong support for the link between employee feedback on issues such as culture, empowerment, and inclusion and the success of an organization in the financial markets and labor markets. A positive organizational culture and employee experience are associated with better stock performance and a more favorable employer brand," said Dr. Charles Scherbaum, Associate Professor of Psychology at Baruch University. "If they don't want to get left behind, companies with low engagement scores need to educate leaders and managers on the significant impact of employee engagement on organizational success. By making employee engagement a priority, organizations stand to reap financial benefits and mitigate business risks."

Glint helps organizations improve employee engagement, and in turn, positively influence their Glassdoor ratings and stock market performance. New Glint features like Narrative Intelligence™ are helping leaders and managers zero in on feedback, providing context that surfaces issues employees are really concerned about, but may not be telling their managers. To learn more about the Glint People Success Platform, visit

Glint is the people success platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. Leading brands like United Airlines, Intuit, and Sky leverage Glint's unique combination of intuitive design, sophisticated analytics, and actionable intelligence to help make employees happier and more successful at work. For more information, please visit

Glint analyzed data from 75 companies representing 15 different industries, correlating engagement scores and other employee feedback from over half a million employees over a 52-week period with publicly available data such as company financial performance, Glassdoor reviews, and other business metrics.

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