PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Jun 7, 2017) - PDX Partners, Inc. (OTC PINK: PDXP), a marketing and diversified holdings company, announces that it has executed a Letter of Intent with Green Flow Technology to market Green Flow's proprietary energy efficiency technology in North America. Green Flow has proprietary rights to the only technology on the market that has multiple patented components which create a new form of energy in the form of AC and DC flowing on existing wires. This new energy effectively "turbo charges" low voltage battery power to unprecedented levels. The proprietary Green Flow bulbs are specifically designed for high yield, healthy plant growth: "battery powered," low voltage, energy efficient, low heat, customizable UV and color spectrum, specific PAR values, automatic dimming controls, and built in emergency backup. The Green Flow bulbs are a few months away from being fully solar powered.

In addition to the Green Flow bulbs, the additional proprietary components include a Core System which includes multi-patented Charger, Efficiency Control Unit, Booster, and Energy storage bank. Green Flow's technology includes low voltage DC bulbs that are low heat, high output, and have customizable UV and color spectrums, i.e., "battery powered" lighting systems. Green Flow bulbs are based on an energy platform that is "plug and play." The Green Flow energy system is modular meaning that it can be expanded via additional modules to power any sized facility. Further, once the Core System is installed, the Green Flow's future pipeline of modules easily attach to expand the system's energy benefits, e.g.: Solar Module to create "solar powered" lighting, HVAC Module to create "solar powered" air conditioning, to effectively allow any grower to remove, most if not all, of their major energy uses off grid.

"This technology will forever change the cannabis industry as we know it today," said PDX Partners CEO Patrick Johnson. "The most significant component in the cannabis cultivation industry is lighting and power. With Green Flow bulbs and its ground breaking energy efficiency technology we have the ability to provide combined lighting and power packages that allow cultivators the chance to operate their facilities completely off the electrical grid. We are excited to be a part of penetrating the cannabis market with this technology as we believe it separates us from any and all competitors," said Johnson.

About Green Flow.
Green Flow has proprietary rights to technology which has 29 patents already issued worldwide and numerous more pending. Green Flow bulbs and foundational technology are a game changer. There is no other technology on the market that has patented components that create a new energy in the form of AC and DC flowing on existing wires. Further, as a "plug and play" system, additional components are simply plugged into the installed Green Flow energy core components to expand the system to accommodate any sized facility, i.e., larger facilities with higher power needs are simply addressed by sliding in a few more components to the Green Flow energy components. Most amazing is that because the system is modular, additional Green Flow energy modules covering other applications are also simply plugged into any installed Green Flow core system to upgrade and innovate and fulfill other energy needs, e.g., Solar Module, HVAC Module, which when combined with the core energy system, can create a potentially off grid grow facility.

About PDX Partners
PDX Partners, Inc. (OTC PINK: PDXP) is a marketing and diversified holdings company dedicated to creating stable revenues and shareholder value by marketing technologies and acquiring other diversified long term growth assets. The company was founded in 1997.

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