DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 7, 2017) - The Chron Organization, Inc. (OTC: CHRO) announced today that the Chairman has sent out a quarterly newsletter including important updates and commentary on recent major developments, milestones, and plans, particularly the Company's SEC filings and revenue generation efforts.

Within this newsletter, which is distributed quarterly from the desk of the Chairman to a listserv comprising over 1,400 subscribers, most of whom are shareholders, Chairman Byron Young provides a State of the Union style update on all activities pertaining to CHRON and its growing portfolio of subsidiaries.

In this quarter's edition, Young covers hot topics such as the company's positive revenue outlook, successful capital raising, ongoing commercial projects nationwide, recent strategic partnerships and acquisitions such as premier energy brokerage & advisory firm, North American Utility Partners (NAUP), the Form-10 filing to become fully reporting to the SEC, and forthcoming plans to file the S-1 and up-list to the OTCQB.

True to the spirit of transparency the Company has declared publicly since Chairman Byron Young and President Alex Rodriguez took over management at the end of 2016, CHRON maintains a website where shareholders can access all of its corporate communications, including press releases and blog updates from the executive management team. To subscribe to the official newsletter and keep up with all relevant correspondences, visit the corporate website at chronorganization.com and enter your preferred email address in the appropriate 'Sign up' bar at the bottom of the home page.

The Chairman's latest quarterly newsletter went out yesterday, June 06, 2017 at 3:30 pm CDT. If you are subscribed to the listserv but for some reason, failed to receive this latest communiqué, or if you are yet to subscribe, you may read the full updates therein by visiting the CHRON corporate site where the newsletter has also been published as a blog post. To access the blog update directly, simply click here.

The Company strongly encourages all shareholders to sign up to the newsletter to remain apprised of any and all important updates. Again, to subscribe, visit CHRON's official corporate website at chronorganization.com.


The Chron Organization, Inc. (OTC: CHRO), is an entrepreneurial-minded company founded and envisioned by Mr. Byron Young and Mr. Alex Rodriguez. The Company's purpose is to develop a portfolio of highly successful and unique wholly owned businesses by providing incubation, advisory and capital services to the same. CHRON's interests include the smart home services, Internet of Things (IOT) platforms, deregulated energy & energy efficiency offerings. To learn more about CHRON, visit the company's corporate website at www.chronorganization.com.


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