TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 7, 2017) - Element Fleet Management Corp. (TSX:EFN) ("Element") confirmed today that the seven nominees listed in its management information circular (the "Circular") dated April 26, 2017 were elected as directors at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on June 6, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario (the "Meeting"). The detailed results of the vote for the election of directors at the Meeting are set out below.

At the Meeting, the following seven individuals nominated to serve as directors of Element were elected by a vote conducted by ballot. The results of the ballot were as follows:

Richard Venn 261,303,427 83.54% 51,467,606 16.46%
Steve Hudson 264,285,461 84.50% 48,485,572 15.50%
Bradley Nullmeyer 264,053,627 84.42% 48,717,406 15.58%
Paul Damp 263,387,036 84.21% 49,383,997 15.79%
Joan Lamm-Tennant 268,805,474 85.94% 43,965,559 14.06%
William Lovatt 263,654,701 84.30% 49,116,332 15.70%
Hon. Brian Tobin 270,161,828 86.38% 42,609,205 13.62%

Furthermore, at the Meeting, an advisory resolution on Element's approach to executive compensation, as set out in the Circular, was passed as an ordinary resolution of Element shareholders by a vote conducted by ballot. The results of the ballot were 237,526,858 common shares (75.94%) voting in favour of the 'say on pay' resolution.

The Option Plan Resolution and the Advance Notice By-Law Resolution, each as set out in the Circular, were passed as ordinary resolutions of Element shareholders by votes conducted by ballot. The results of the ballot were 242,673,598 common shares (77.59%) voting in favour of the Option Plan Resolution and 240,004,837 common shares (76.73%) voting in favour of the Advance Notice By-Law Resolution.

The re-appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as the independent auditors of Element was also approved at the Meeting by a show of hands.

The results of these matters considered at the Meeting are reported in the Report of Voting Results as filed on SEDAR ( on June 7, 2017.

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