New Age Marketing Incorporates Charitable Giving in their Corporate Culture

CHARLOTTE, NC, June 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  New Age Marketing, the leading marketing and advertising firm in the Charlotte, NC area, has always regarded charitable giving and community service as one of the core values of their corporate culture. It is no wonder then, why Director of Operations, Jared Poniatowski, decided to participate in a philanthropy event while also attending a national conference in Newport Beach, CA earlier this year.

Poniatowski was selected as one of the top performing managers in his region to attend the national conference which mostly focused on branding, resource allocation and corporate culture. However, the last topic of meeting, philanthropy and community involvement, stuck out to the director at New Age Marketing.

“We rise as we lift others,” quoted Poniatowski, who went on to state that he was immediately excited when he learned about the fundraising event that would be following the conference. “Community involvement is a huge priority for myself and my team at New Age Marketing. As we continue to grow, it’s important that we help those around us grow as well.”

After the meeting concluded, managers wishing to participate joined together for a fundraising dinner and yacht ride dedicated to breast cancer research. Jacque Balbas-Ruddy, ambassador for breast cancer research and the night’s guest of honor, gave her testimony during the dinner portion of the night and explained how their donations affected those afflicted with the disease.

According to the Susan G. Komen website, since breast cancer awareness has spread and fundraising efforts have risen, there has been a 38% decline in mortality of those diagnosed with breast cancer. As Balbas-Ruddy explained at the event, the money raised would go to support patients that have the least resources available to them: uninsured, under insured and low-income women and men.

All of the proceeds of the night, including the dinner and drinks, were donated by the company to the cause. In addition, the company also vowed to match the total amount raised, which resulted in a little over four thousand dollars being donated that night.

Since the event, Poniatowski has continued to search for new ways to become involved in both national and local charities in the Charlotte area. With the help of his Director of Human Resources, Ashley Withey, they have succeeded in making community involvement something that their team is excited about.

“I think the great part about instilling charitable giving in the workplace is that our managers and representatives feel heard when we get involved with a charity or a cause that they bring to the table,” said Withey on the company’s open door policy. “Jared is always open to hearing about causes that our team is passionate about and other ways that we can give back.”

Coming into the third quarter, Poniatowski has goals to continue growing their philanthropic horizons, as well as the company as well. According to the director, New Age Marketing will be expanding to Huntersville, NC in just a matter of weeks. With a new office underway, Poniatowski hopes that the value charitable giving will be passed on to future generations of the company.

“Being able to come together with our partners to do something great is what life’s all about; doing something great.”

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By Falon Whitfield



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