Titan HST Deploys Augmented Reality, Real Time Translation, Crowdsourcing to Save Lives as Shootings and Terrorism Emergencies Increase

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., June 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vic A. Merjanian, Founder and CEO of Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc., today announced the national launch of Titan HST its patented Next Gen 911 two way emergency communications platform for law enforcement, campus administrators and users to instantly communicate campus emergency alerts, broadcasts and lockdowns, survey users for their safety status and location and provide site-specific emergency materials.  Leveraging next generation technologies including Augmented Reality (AR), Multi-Lingual and Crowd Sourced Data, Titan HST dramatically boosts emergency response capacity, and reduces administration response time by 50 percent, while integrating Privacy-by-Design.  Medical personnel can also be connected to initiate lifesaving diagnostics in real time, and weather information warning people about impending tornados or other emergencies can be broadcast and continuously updated. School districts, corporations, police and city governments in California, where Titan HST is headquartered, have adopted the secure, reliable, multilingual emergency communication network to save lives.

“The Titan HST mobile system is a pillar to our nation’s school safety.  It enables students, faculty, parents, teachers, and police to communicate instantly and in real time,” according to Dave Long, Ph.D., former California Secretary of Education.

Titan HST is a powerful, secure, reliable, multi-lingual Next Gen 911.  It can save lives with its comprehensive two way campus emergency communication network.  The mobile app allows users and emergency personnel to communicate emergency information instantly – increasing information dissemination and reducing emergency response time.  During an alert, users can communicate relevant emergency information, including their GPS coordinates, text, audio, pictures and videos, as well as classify the type of emergency. In addition, users have the ability to speak with administrators and emergency personnel.  Administrators and emergency personnel receive emergency alerts via push notification, text message, web pop-up, email, and can communicate directly with users and send lockdown notifications and broadcast messages to the entire site.

The European Union/European Commission has completed the Titan HST pilot program with anticipated purchase and full-scale roll out per an executed Letter of Intent.  Based on its early success with school districts in Orange County, rapid scalability and intense interest from public and private organizations, the corporation is gearing up for its nationwide U.S. launch.

“With the frequency of emergencies on the rise, the future of safety demands a unified, simple, immediate and reliable way to obtain help. Old emergency communications systems fail to timely notify necessary parties due to failure in adopted technology, reliance on a single outdated medium, or due to incorrect user data during an emergency.  Survivors tell us that lives would have been saved if only they had the Titan HST system in place,” added Vic A. Merjanian, Founder and CEO.   

About Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc.
Titan HST (www.titanhst.com) is a patented internationally accessible, multi-lingual, customizable, mobile two way emergency system.  Titan HST’s interdisciplinary team includes industry leaders with deep relationships in target markets which include any public or private, government or non-governmental organization concerned about safety. The corporation is headquartered at 500 Newport Center Drive, Suite 950, Newport Beach, CA 92660. To interview Vic A. Merjanian, Esq., Founder and CEO, please contact Gary Douglas at 310.592.3049 or gary@douglasstrategic.com.


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