MIRAMAR, FL--(Marketwired - Jun 13, 2017) - Forgotten Mom, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in South Florida, is proud to announce their first annual celebrity golf tournament and treatment industry networking event at the Wellington National Golf Club on June 17th 2017. The public is welcome to attend and do their part to support a severely underserved community.

Forgotten Mom was formed to raise awareness and resources for the millions of mothers, children, and families, who are struggling with the disease of addiction without any accessible resources or support. Forgotten Mom recognizes that a healthy mother figure is the foundation for a wholesome family, community, and society. To that end, the Forgotten Mom non-profit is committed to aligning families in crisis with the lifesaving funding, services and support they need, including treatment, aftercare, family support, education, and more. Forgotten Mom's inaugural event is the first step toward that goal.

While the celebrity golf tournament is set to unfold during the day, the recovery community is abuzz about the networking event scheduled that evening. Featuring an expert panel of industry pioneers like Farid DallalPhil Diaz, Tracie Duich, Rosemary O'Connor, Lizabeth Olzewski, and moderator Lauren Sisler, who will be discussing critical topics like treatment for pregnant mothers, treatment industry ethics, collaborative care, and how the recovery community can address the underserved populations in South Florida.

Farid Dallal, Founder of Forgotten Mom, commented, "The purpose of this panel is to serve as the launching pad for a long overdue conversation about the underserved population of struggling mothers we are focusing on, and a call to action for the various groups, modalities, and individuals in our reach that are willing to help, but need direction." Dallal continued, "While each member of this panel is a pioneer in their own right, collectively, the group will create and inspire true change. This kickoff conversation will set the tone for a series of conversations in relevant cities that address regional needs and establish a blueprint for others to follow. I could not be more humbled by their willingness to help and the opportunity to genuinely inspire change."

For more information on Forgotten Mom and the non-profit's unwavering commitment to helping mothers and families everywhere, please visit www.forgottenmom.org.

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