NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - Jun 13, 2017) - LIG Assets, Inc. (OTC PINK: LIGA ) (also known as the "Leader in Green Assets" or "LIGA") announced today at the Company's second annual LIGA 2017 Sustainability Impact Conference held at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC) on Monday, June 12th in Downtown Nashville, TN that LIG Assets has signed a formal Acquisition Agreement with Precision Steel Framing Construction LLC. (PSFC) of West Monroe, LA in a revenue base transaction that does not affect LIGA's current share structure. Additional conference details will be available on the Company's website at, and will be updated from time to time after the conference date.

Precision Steel Framing Corp. has developed ground breaking and proprietary software that allow PSFC's steel framing and buildings to fully integrate with the top framing software currently used by builders and developers throughout North America thus enabling PSFC to dominate the building framing industry which to date has been controlled by lumber framing. PSFC currently has franchise operations throughout America and Canada and is poised for rapid expansion as its superior framing material and design transforms North America from lumber to steel based framing for all types of building construction.

LIG Assets Chairman Aric Simons stated "We are extremely excited to acquire Precision Steel, a Company that will disrupt and dominate framing in the construction industry. Steel framing is consistent with LIGA's sustainable building model. Steel offers a superior building envelope because it is virtually fireproof, mold-proof, termite-proof while providing superior structural support to protect the house from hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Steel also is far less labor intensive, faster and cost competitive. Combining all of these factors, steel is more economical than lumber and perhaps most importantly, it does not contribute to the devastation of forests worldwide that has scorched our planet and adversely affected our quality of life. I have been continually amazed by the technology, design and engineering capabilities of Precision Steel not to mention their business savvy approach to expanding the market to change the way buildings are constructed. PSFC President Mark Hammons and his talented, state-of-the-art staff have put PSFC in position to revolutionize building in America and beyond and the combined with LIGA's valuable resources, will ensure our place as a leader in sustainable building. We expect to grow together into the leading sustainable builder both financially and in producing buildings that are safer, healthier and more economical for all."

Precision Steel also demonstrated at the LIGA 2017 Sustainability Impact Conference the company's unique system that allows builders, developers and individual homeowners to design, price and build their own custom homes and structures in virtual reality -- then have their complete design delivered in reality right to their construction site -- nothing like this technology and ability currently exists in the design and construction sectors and will no doubt immediately create a disruptive and revolutionary method for designing and building custom homes and structures, even entire commercial and industrial developments for decades to come.

LIGA's Chairman Aric Simons and Live Ship's President Jim Gillis also announced a new Joint Venture with Live Stor, a Company based out of Nova Scotia Canada to form "Live Stor America" that will utilize new technologies to facilitate the storage of live fish throughout America in a manner that will allow distribution centers to maintain live fish for sale to restaurants and fish distributors in a more economical and sustainable manner that will change the manner live fish is stored and sold. Live Stor provides a unique and superior station for fish to stay healthier and live longer. The Company will also utilize the construction materials and technologies backed by LIGA.

LIG Assets' Chairman Aric Simons, recently acquired BGTV Direct CEO Marvin Baker, Partner and Renowned Environmentalist Robert Plarr, Strategic Partner Jim Gillis of Live Ship, and Mark Hammons from Precision Steel were among the featured speakers at the conference. Additionally, doctors and scientists from LIG Assets 20%-owned Earth Revival also spoke about its stem cell / health & wellness centers, health products, and state-of-the-art building materials / products. Speakers further attested to their relationship and commitment to LIG Assets, its strategic plans, advanced products, current respective industry climate, and to further enable attendees to understand how these diverse resources will combine to change the way LIGA builds, improves healthy living, extends life, saves on utilities, and improves the environment.

LIG Assets Chairman Aric Simons states, "This was our second annual LIGA conference that showcased our products, partners, strategic plans and acquisitions that are establishing a foundation for LIGA to continue its expansion into profitable, leading edge technologies and materials. The conference also featured truly amazing people who are instrumental in developing deploying and coordinating revolutionary technologies in a way that translates into a practical viable model. LIGA will continue to employ its business plan of acquiring and partnering with Companies that are leaders in bringing sustainability in all aspects of life in a viable, profitable manner. I would like to personally thank our investor base for continually providing support and input. Your support will be rewarded with transparency, integrity and returns on investment that will continue to put LIGA at the upper echelon of OTC Companies."

About LIG Assets, Inc.:
LIG Assets, Inc. in association with Robert Plarr is the emerging "Leader in Green Assets" -- focused on exclusive green, renewable energy and sustainable homes, living systems, technologies and components to be utilized in the residential and commercial real estate acquisition and development projects currently under way and now individual product sales, as well as rapid expansion into other sectors via acquisitions, mergers and joint venture partnerships. LIG Assets, Inc. trades on the pink sheets under the ticker symbol "LIGA". For additional information about LIG Assets, Inc., Robert Plarr, and/or more information about and how to purchase Plarr's exclusive homes, structures, products and technologies or to subscribe online to LIGA's free Shareholder Newsletter for regular updates and alerts regarding important Company developments, please visit the Company's website at

About Precision Steel Framing Corporation:
Precision. Innovation. Excellence. These are the words we live by at Precision Steel Framing and Construction. Our staff of industry leaders has a combined 180+ years of experience in the architectural, engineering, and construction business. Licensed in nearly all fifty states and Canada, PSFC is leading the way to a better way of framing, using structural light gauge steel. From design to engineering and construction, PSFC is the best choice for any and every project that demands the highest standards in safety, durability, eco-friendliness. Precision Steel Framing & Construction in West Monroe, LA, is a fully integrated designer and manufacturer of total steel framing solutions. We use roll-forming technology to pave the path for the future of framing packages in North America. We build steel frames for residential and commercial projects, including trusses and walls. Our business uses eco-friendly products on every project, so there is very little waste when we do our job. Most importantly, when something is strong you can count on it to last!

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