CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - June 13, 2017) - On the heels of the first submission of electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) data for the 2016 reporting period in March, Q-Centrix® learned that while a majority of healthcare providers were successful in submitting eCQM data to CMS, most do not plan to use the data for any quality-driven initiatives due to their low level of confidence in the accuracy of the data. This is one of the key findings of a survey released today by Q-Centrix.

The Q-Centrix eCQM Survey polled C-suite, senior-level and quality professionals from hospitals and health systems around the country to learn their perceptions of how the first eCQM delivery submission went and how they planned to use the results of the first submission.

"Unfortunately many hospitals have approached the need to electronically submit quality data with CMS as a technology issue, not a quality issue, and have addressed only the ability to make this electronic exchange," explained Brian Foy, vice president, product development at Q-Centrix. "Our research results have proven that this is the case."

While 83% of survey respondents were able to successfully submit eCQMs to CMS, and 87% reviewed the results of the submission, only 33% plan to develop action plans based on the data. "The ultimate goal of this effort is to improve the quality of healthcare delivery to affect better patient outcomes," added Foy. "If hospitals are simply submitting the data and moving on, they miss the ability to implement better practices."

Another major issue that is revealed in the research results is the low confidence that the data is truly accurate. Only 38% of respondents were very confident that all submitted measures would pass the quality thresholds, while 38% were confident only some measures would pass, and 24 percent worried that none of the submitted measures would pass.

"The ability to deliver accurate information to CMS represents a huge gap in most EHR systems that claim to provide eCQM capabilities," added Foy. "Many hospitals will face significant challenges when CMS moves beyond simple attestation and submission, and begins to take a closer look at the quality of data, sees that the information is inaccurate, and that they are unable to pass on the measures."

Notable quotes from the survey when asked what they learned from the data as it relates to improving patient care include:

  • "I am not confident that my EHR vendor has this whole eCQM concept properly in hand. I still see, via manual abstraction in our records, higher performance than I see from the data that is extracted from our system."
  • "Not confident enough in the data to really use it to improve care. I think improving the data needs to come first."
  • "Very hard to say that you are doing a good job just by electronically sending data points. That just means you are charting in the correct location."

Q-Centrix's eCQM solution couples the technology and clinical experts needed to submit accurate data. A feature-rich module within Q-Apps®, the Q-Centrix healthcare quality information system, digitally integrates various clinical data formats. The team of Quality Information Specialists (QIS℠) review the data and add any missing components needed for the application to calculate and submit the measures. Further, the Q-Centrix eCQM App offers the ability to easily drill down into the data to determine its accuracy prior to submission to CMS -- a shortcoming of many EHR-based eCQM solutions.

"We set out with a clear vision of building a healthcare quality information system that would help hospitals better manage their quality objectives and operations to measurably improve the safety and quality of care provided to their patients," noted Q-Centrix CEO, Milton Silva-Craig. "Our platform was built to be flexible so that changes and additions can be readily made with little impact."

Q-Apps combines an easy to use, state-of-the-art technology platform and access to Q-Centrix's market leading expertise of 800+ QIS℠who provide an additional level of validation to ensure the data is accurate and meets CMS requirements prior to its submission.

"Underlying any hospital's commitment to quality is the ability to confidently provide accurate and high-fidelity data," added Silva-Craig. "Our approach delivers that peace of mind by pairing a team that possesses the experience that comes with, literally, millions of quality abstractions, together with our healthcare quality information system."

Whether a hospital chooses to use Q-Centrix's team of Quality Information Specialists to assist throughout the eCQM lifecycle or elects to manage it themselves, the ability to easily analyze the data to determine its accuracy prior to its submission to CMS provides valuable transparency that isn't otherwise available in the market today.

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