SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - June 13, 2017) - Biarca is formally launching the first available Cloud Native Developer Instructor led Skills training program in India, in partnership with the Cloud Foundry Foundation. This is the recommended course for certification on the recently launched Cloud Foundry Certified Developer (CFCD) exam, also developed by Biarca.

According to Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation, "Biarca is addressing a key need in the industry today for more skilled developers. The Cloud Foundry Certified Developer training and certification enables developers to demonstrate cloud-native skills and set themselves apart in a quickly evolving market. Biarca played a key role in the community by helping develop the newly launched Cloud Foundry Certified Developer exam."

The Training and Certification is quickest and most effective way for developers and architects to advance and demonstrate advanced cloud skills and expertise that are in high demand in today's competitive job market. Biarca is proud to have been a key part of the community effort over the last 12 months in the development and deployment the CFCD exam. Biarca delivers a full range of professional services around architecting and implementing cloud solutions for enterprises.

"It is critical that every developer today retools her skill set by demonstrating cloud-native app capabilities. Cloud Foundry is one of the highest paying tech skills in 2017, and businesses around the world need skilled developers to enable the new digital enterprise. The world is increasingly becoming digital and connected. Success will increasingly go to organizations that can rapidly innovate through cloud native applications, offering new capabilities to engage with customers, partners and employees," said Subha Rajana, CEO of Biarca. "Biarca is a proud silver member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation since its beginning and we are happy to be the first to launch this training in India."

Biarca is a Cloud Consulting and Professional Services Systems Integrator, whose mission is to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journey. As a trusted advisor, customers can depend on the Biarca cloud experts, no matter which stage of the journey they are at, and regardless of the cloud platform. Key areas of focus for Biarca include Cloud Adoption Services, Infrastructure Services, DevOps Services and Application Services (app migration, cloud native applications, data analytics).

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