WILMINGTON, DE--(Marketwired - Jun 14, 2017) - Entrepreneur and former child refugee, Alex Haditaghi believes not only that it can, but that it should, and he is putting his money where his mouth is.

In conjunction with a team of passionate entrepreneurs, Haditaghi has dedicated much of his time in recent months to researching and starting a global, social enterprise: i am action (www.iamaction.com).

Haditaghi states:

"While LinkedIn is the platform that reflects your professional achievements, and Facebook is the place that defines you based on your 'friends,' i am action is a platform that recognizes and memorializes your altruistic deeds."

The i am action platform helps non-profit organizations plan programs easily, measure outcomes simply and with transparency, and reflect donor's impacts in real-time. Individuals donating to a cause and/or program will be able to see the entire life-cycle of their contribution; they will see quantifiable results and outcomes. "We designed this platform based on the idea that every humanitarian act deserves recognition, and every individual who has donated their time or money should be able to see a visible record of the impact they have made," stated Joel Koroniak, i am action's co-founder. Koroniak continued by expressing his confidence that "individuals want to be known by more than their vacation selfies or pictures of food; they want to be immortalized by the good deeds they have done. i am action addresses this want."

The 1000 Bricks Campaign launched this week at 1000bricks.org is i am action's first large-scale movement towards supporting WaterAid and SOS Children's Villages in funding infrastructure-based projects in Haiti and Tanzania. This campaign provides a mechanism to aid in saving and transforming 219,000+ lives in these communities and while Haditaghi has purchased several bricks himself, he is optimistic that others will also give to a very worthwhile endeavor. He states, "People wonder how they can help others. With the purchase of a single brick, you can change thousands of lives for the better." 

When asked about the price associated with the bricks, Haditaghi confirmed that at $1,000, the purchase of a brick could involve individuals coming together as a group for the benefit of people in need. He confirmed that it was with this potential for collaboration that the price was set and the vision born. 

Highlighting the ways in which witnessing kindness prompts altruism, Haditaghi confirmed that i am action is committed to amplifying the voices and achievements of its supporters. Unique to i am action's platform, every act of generosity is captured and memorialized. Haditaghi's dream is not only to help communities but to build them based on common goals and gestures. 

For more information on how you can be a part of the 1000 Bricks Campaign, or to learn more about i am action, please visit www.iamaction.com

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