SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- National fabric and craft retailer JOANN Stores has partnered with AgilOne, the leading enterprise customer data platform for B2C marketers, to activate customer data across a broad marketing technology ecosystem and drive more relevant experiences for customers in all of its 865 stores, and also across its digital and mobile channels.

JOANN aims to inspire creativity and cultivate genuine relationships through useful, relevant engagements along the multi-channel customer journey. The retailer needed a way to unify and harness the data across its platforms, including mobile, social sign-on and data from its stores, where 95 percent of conversions occur. AgilOne provided an innovative way for JOANN to stitch data together at the customer level, and orchestrate personalization across its MarTech and AdTech ecosystems, supporting the speed, scale and volume of its business.

JOANN has seen significant success with customer reactivation and welcome campaigns founded on AgilOne’s single customer profile. With AgilOne, JOANN’s welcome campaigns evolved into multi-touch engagements that proceed along paths aligned to each customer’s history. Meanwhile, reactivation campaigns now use a data model that identifies customers at high risk of attrition, and engages these customers with hyper-relevant messaging and offers across multiple points of interaction to win them back. The new welcome emails have boosted online orders by more than 150 percent, while the improved reactivation campaigns have more than tripled response rate.

“With AgilOne, we are personalizing experiences across each customer’s multi-channel journey from day one, and increasing the relevance of product suggestions,” said Steve Miller, VP of Marketing and Business Development at JOANN. “Acting on AgilOne data, we have built personalized post-purchase journeys that are relevant for each unique customer. This reinvigorated welcome email series and reactivation program has also translated from online engagement to in-store transactions, leading to an 18 percent increase of incremental revenue in the first two months alone.”

“AdTech and MarTech are at a pivotal point of convergence, and the more that customer-centric brands can activate data across all technologies, the more those brands and their customers will thrive,” said Omer Artun, CEO of AgilOne. “It’s exciting to partner with JOANN Stores, who is fully leveraging the potential of customer data, activating it across the full range of technologies, and providing genuine engagement that keeps customers inspired and delighted.”

To learn more about how JOANN is fueling success with AgilOne, sign up for the upcoming webinar featuring Steve Miller, VP of Marketing and Business Development at JOANN, and Gangadhar Konduri, Chief Product Officer at AgilOne.

Rebecca Mettler