AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - June 15, 2017) - EPIC Corporation (OTC PINK: EPOR) ("EPIC" or "Company") and Ronald S. Tucker announced "EPIC has developed a strategic relationship with a Family Office that will provide limited financing ('Financing') to disruptive qualified private companies ('QPCs'), and is instituting new policies."

EPIC's Strategic Relationship

EPIC's strategic relationship solves EPIC's lack of capital by making it possible to arrange for initial funding for a QPC's business activities.

EPIC is an outside-the-box private financial services company that provides affiliated companies and independent QPCs with services included in the EPIC Process.

The EPIC Process designs, develops, implements, and manages a complete short-term and long-term financial program for the QPC to enable it to raise capital.

The Financing provides the initial capital for a QPC to create a capital foundation to raise more capital in the future. The Financing is primarily to be used to brand the QPC and its products or its services.

The ability to arrange initial financing for QPCs will increase the value of an investment in EPIC because: 1) EPIC will not need to raise capital; and 2) EPIC will be able to contract with more qualified independent companies.

EPIC is a private publicly traded company and has been using the OTC Markets services for more than three years and has been distributing quarterly stock dividends in its own stock to its Series A 5% Convertible Preferred Stock for more than three years.

OTC Markets Services

EPIC has decided to discontinue the services of OTC Markets due to FINRA's rules regarding the depositing of stock certificates, the reduced number or broker/dealers that will receive and deposit stock certificates, and the cost of depositing stock certificates. The Company has only a few shareholders with a limited number of shares that could be deposited and the cost of trying to deposit the certificates makes it impractical.

EPIC recognizes that this will cause OTC Markets to show a skull and cross-bones indicating there is no current information. However, the Company will continue to make current information and financial statements available to download from its website or from emails sent to shareholders and accredited investors.

Stock Dividends

EPIC has also decided to suspend its quarterly stock dividend in favor of making an annual stock dividend to be started in March of next year.

EPIC, however, does have plans to periodically declare special stock dividends to its Preferred Shareholders in registered common stock of Tensleep Financial Corporation, RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd., and EPIC Medicor Corporation obtained from qualified Regulation A Offering Statements.

Other Events

EPIC and Autek Propulsion Technologies Corporation have terminated their agreement and Autek has returned EPIC's 1,000,000 shares of restricted common stock to authorized but unissued common stock. EPIC has also returned Autek's common stock and cancelled the Consulting Agreement.

Tensleep Financial Corporations has canceled its Regulation D, 506(c) offering, as a result of EPIC entering into the Strategic Relationship with the Family Office.

About EPIC

EPIC, an Outside-The-Box Company, a Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV"), provides turn-key solutions through the EPIC Process. (Download the complete description of the EPIC Process).

The EPIC Process ("Process") is a cost efficient and effective process that gives a QPC the ability to raise capital by creating an exit strategy and at a future time become a development stage public company ("DSPC").

Capital Raising

EPIC's turn-key solutions provide a QPC with the ability continually to raise capital.

  • The exit strategy is obtained through the qualification of a qualified private placement ("QPP"), pursuant to a limited Reg. A provided for under the Securities Act of 1933.
  • EPIC, prior to the qualification of the QPP, organizes and implements a Reg. D Offering to raise capital for the QPC.
  • EPIC, at an appropriate time in the future when the QPC's business justifies the trading of its common stock in a trading market, will seek to facilitate the public trading of the QPC's common stock.
  • The QPP raises capital through a Reg. D Offering and through the sale of the underlying shares of the QPP warrants.

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